Butchers’ business booms

MEAT SALES: Louise Ives from Blue Hills Farm Shop with some of their produce. (d416b307)
MEAT SALES: Louise Ives from Blue Hills Farm Shop with some of their produce. (d416b307)

Business is booming for Spen butchers in the wake of the horse meat scandal.

Customers are flocking to independent butchers and farm shops for their meat products after horse meat was found in some branded and supermarket own brand ready meals.

Shops have withdrawn a number of products from sale in the UK after samples were found to contain varying levels of horsemeat, including just trace levels in some cases.

The scandal has resulted in customers flocking to butchers’ shops – and business is booming as a result.

Carlton Ives, from Blue Hills Farm Shop, Birkenshaw, said sales of beefburgers had tripled in the past week.

He said: “We put our home fed beef in our burgers.

“Anything our customers buy is 100 per cent guaranteed.

“We are very pleased that sales have trebled – and we had a record January too.”

George Haigh, from Haigh’s Farm Shop, near Hartshead, said: “We have been a lot busier this week, especially for things like minced beef.

“Customers have been talking about how they don’t trust supermarkets any more.

“I hope they will keep coming back. All our produce is guaranteed and is quality stuff.

“People have been coming to us because they know it’s all local produce and they know they can trust where it’s from – it’s reliable.”

Andrew Buckle, partner at Buckles Butchers, Roberttown, said new customers had been coming to the shop since the scandal broke.

He said: “We’ve seen people coming that we’ve never seen before.

“We’ve got full traceability from the animal being born to it coming to the shop.

“We know the farm it came from and we have proof. Supermarkets are cheap and get their meat from anywhere.

“I don’t know whether it will continue – people have short memories and are governed by price.

“We will find out in summer when people are having barbecues.”

Ian Speight, from Collins Butchers, Cleckheaton, said more customers had been coming into the shop in Westfield Lane since the scandal broke.

He said: “Customers are wondering what they are getting in supermarkets so they are coming back to the butchers.

“They don’t knowwhat’s in these processed foods.

“They have been buying steaks, mince and stews.

“People know what they are getting from the butcher’s shop.”