Campaign launched to stop illegal blood sport

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A campaign to stop illegal hare coursing will be launched across the county.

New signs will be placed in rural West Yorkshire warning of the consequences of the so-called blood sport and encouraging people to report it.

Hare coursing, where dogs are set to chase and kill hares, was banned in 2005.

The county’s police and Crime Commissioner, Mark Burns-Williamson said “The killing of these animals for sport is a cruel and barbaric act and is rightly banned. The practise also has wide ranging negative effects on our communities.

“I would encourage anyone who witness’s hare coursing, or sees any suspicious behaviour, not to approach the perpetrators but to contact the police and action will be taken.

The signs have been created by the police in partnership with the Country Land and Business Association, which represents farmers, landowners and rural businesses. They are warning that hare coursing can lead to damage to property and the intimidation of land owners, walkers and others.