Can you rival this week’s a-peeling readers’ photo?

Potato family readers pic by Seb Pawson
Potato family readers pic by Seb Pawson

Our readers send us some stunning photographs of the landscape around our area.

But this week’s readers’ photo is a little different, and we’re hoping you can rival it.

This picture of a family of potatoes, each with a quirky face, was sent in by reader Seb Pawson of Birkenshaw.

He said: “I was preparing a meal of shephard’s pie when I took the potatoes out of the bag and thought they looked just like faces with eyes, a nose and a mouth. They were different sizes and just looked like a potato family.”

If you have any amusing pictures, or other photographs you would like to share with readers you can email or drop them into one of our offices.

Please make sure you include your name, address, contact number and a brief description of where and when the photo was taken.