Carol has poppy power!

Carol Rodwell has helped make 995 crocheted poppies. (D531A445)
Carol Rodwell has helped make 995 crocheted poppies. (D531A445)

A group of women in Mirfield have nearly 1,000 reasons why celebrating this year’s poppy appeal is so important.

Carol Rodwell and her friends have created an unprecedented 995 special crocheted poppies for this year’s centenary remembrance celebration.

Carol first had the idea to begin making crocheted poppies in 2012 after the craft club her and a group of friends attended shut down. The materials would be paid for by themselves and all the money made from them would go to the British Legion.

She said: “When I first had the idea I asked Coun David Pinder what he thought of it – he immediately gave me £2, and I set off making the first one.

“I had always wanted to crochet, but never had a chance before, so this seemed like the perfect opportunity.”

Over the past three years, Carol’s production line has become a well-oiled machine,and is now helped by friends Julie Carr, Jackie Longbottom, Lesley Evans and Kath Dransfield.

Each of the members stitch a component, and the group meet every couple of weeks to put them together.

“We were originally going to stop making them after last year,” said Carol, who works at Ravello Cafe. “But with it being the centenary of the start of WWI, we thought we had to make a special effort.

“Over the years the poppies have evolved as well – we used to only do the flower, but they are much more detailed now.”

The group started work on the poppies in March, meeting regularly and eventually creating a staggering 995 poppies.

“It took us a lot of time, but it has been worth it,” she said.

Understandably needing a break from the task, Carol said this would be the last year she would take part in making the poppies, but was still thrilled with the response she got.

“I’ve seen so many people wearing them around Mirfield,” she said. “People come up to me and ask where I got my poppy from. I tell them I helped make them myself, then point them in the direction of the shops they can buy them from!

“I am sure the group will be back making something else very soon!”

The poppies can be bought from shops around Mirfield with a donation to the British Legion. You can wear your poppy with pride at Mirfield’s remembrance parade on Sunday. The march starts on Lowlands Road at 2pm, making its way to the Ings Grove ParkWar Memorial.