Cars smash into Liversedge hairdressers

Jane Thompson's shop was damaged in a car accident (D541E435).
Jane Thompson's shop was damaged in a car accident (D541E435).

A shop owner is angry after her store was damaged when two cars crashed in Bradford Road, Liversedge.

The front of Jane Hair salon suffered around £4,000 damage when a Toyota Avensis and a Peugeot 207 crashed by Wakefield Road junction.

Owner Jane Thompson said the Peugeot had struck the front of the salon after the crash caused it to spin out of control.

She said it was the third accident that had happened at the junction of Wakefield Road and Bradford Road in the last six weeks.

She said: “It happens all the time. I just hope that the lady who was in the car was alright, that’s the main thing. She seemed very shook up.

“It must be hard getting behind the wheel again after something like that.”

Mrs Thompson said the accident had knocked a wall down beneath the shop window which had to be rebuilt.

The window was pushed in to the front of the shop and when the wall was repaired workmen found that joists in the cellar had been damaged and would have to be replaced.

She said there was another occasion, five years ago, when her shop was damaged after an accident.

And she said that the number of accidents at the junction led her to take a different route home from work.

A spokesman for West Yorkshire Police said police were called to a crash in Liversedge at 7.16pm on Monday August 25, which involved a Toyota Avensis and a Peugeot 207, and two people were treated at the scene for minor injuries.