Cat loses leg after shooting

OUTRAGE: Mollie lost her leg after being shot by a pellet gun in Hightown.
OUTRAGE: Mollie lost her leg after being shot by a pellet gun in Hightown.

A FAMILY is distraught after callous thugs shot its three-year-old pet cat, which had to have its leg amputated.

Owner Sharon Jones, of Windy Bank Lane, Hightown, has now warned other cat owners to be vigilant.

Family pet Mollie was let out of her home last Saturday morning to stretch her legs, but when she returned 30 minutes later, Sharon knew something was wrong.

Mollie was limping and a visit to the vet showed the cat had been shot in the leg by a pellet gun.

The pellet broke Mollie’s leg, and Sharon was faced with the choice of either removing her beloved cat’s leg, or putting her to sleep.

Mollie was operated on over the weekend and her front left leg was amputated.

Sharon’s two young children – Emily, 10, and Cain, six – have been left distraught by the ordeal.

“Emily is devastated. We cannot believe someone could shoot an animal like this, especially in an area where everyone is so friendly,” she said.

“I know it might seem it’s only a cat, but she is part of our family. Despite what has happened, since she’s come home from the vets she seems to be in good spirits.”

Sharon has appealed to other cat owners to stay vigilant and the family’s other cat – Mollie’s sister Maisie – is likely to be kept indoors for the foreseeable future.

She added: “People who do this should not get away with it. I’m still shocked that anyone can do this to a cat.”

Anyone with information should contact Spen police on 101

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