Cat owners heartbroken after attack

Trevor Newton's cat Bonnie was shot with a pellet gun in Liversedge.
Trevor Newton's cat Bonnie was shot with a pellet gun in Liversedge.

A COUPLE were left distraught after their pet cat was shot with a pellet gun.

Trevor Newton and his wife Anne had been out for the day and when they returned to their home in Garden Close, Littletown, they discovered six year old Bonnie was walking with a limp.

Trevor said: “I came home and she was dragging her leg. We took her to the vet, and when I gave her to the vet there was blood on my shoulder. When the vet saw the blood she shaved the area and she said it looked like a bullet hole.”

Because of the pellet’s location the vet decided it was too dangerous to remove it.

Trevor said: “They left the pellet in because it is just a quarter of an inch from her spine. She still has some stiffness in her leg and we think it’s caused by the pellet. We are having to keep her inside.”

Anne said she had recently been diagnosed with cancer, and the attack on Bonnie had been devastating on top of her illness.

She said: “It has really got me down. I was heartbroken because we nearly lost her. We were both upset. Bonnie goes round the back of the houses and she likes to climb trees but she doesn’t go far and she is really affectionate.

“People might not like cats sometimes but it doesn’t mean they have got to shoot her – it’s despicable.”

Anne said her neighbours had been very kind and thanked them for their support.

Anyone with information about the attack on October 6 should contact PCSO Becky Mackie at Heckmondwike police station on 01924 206357.