Charitable staff clock on in style for ‘Oxglam’ Day

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Glamorous garments were thrown on by Oxfam staff as the charity aimed to get workers wearing party season clothes from its stores.

The charity invited people to wear dazzling outfits to work for ‘Oxglam Day’ and encouraged them to post their photos online and donate towards its poverty relief efforts.

And to show off Oxfam’s range of party wear, the team at its Wastesaver facility in Batley got kitted up for the occasion.

Jo Thackwray, who manages the Oxfam Online Shop, said: “We’ve had a lot of fun today and we are hoping that many more people will wear something glamorous this party season, possibly bought either online or in an Oxfam shop.

“ Our Oxfam online shop features 115,000 items of second-hand and new women’s clothing and accessories – there is definitely something for everyone.”

At the Wastesaver warehouse in Grange Road, donated stock that does not sell in Oxfam shops is passed along conveyor belts for staff to pick out for s pop-up festival shops, vintage stores and specialist boutiques or the charity’s online shop, which is also based in Batley.

Nearly everything gets re-used in some way and as many items as possible are sold in the UK.

Pictured by Colin Sydney are Wastesaver staff members Holly and Brian, Lauren Green and Zoe.