Cheating, violence and refusing to have sex drive partners mad, says survey

What is the worst thing your partner could do to you? If you were thinking it was cheat on you, you were wrong, according to new research.

Apparently, as far as the UK is concerned, infidelity is not even in the top three worst things that your spouse or lover could do to you behind your back.

According to the findings of the latest survey from online dating agency Victoria, the most awful thing your partner could do to you would be to turn aggressive and violent. This was the most popular choice for both men and women: 28.6 per cent of the male respondents and 29.9 per cent of the female respondents listed this option first.

For British men, second place goes to a partner who “refuses to have sex” (17.7 per cent). Among male respondents cheating was far less important than a surprising number of issues, ranked at eighth place with only (4.9 per cent) of the vote. Cheating followed partners who “do not take responsibility for the children and the house” (15 per cent), who “use me for my money” (9.5 per cent), who “disparage me” (7.2 per cent) who are “alcoholic or drug addicted” (5.7 per cent) or who are simply “jealous” (5.4 per cent).

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