Chocs away for Keeley’s new year

EAT ME, KEELEY!: Chocolate cravings will be a challenge for Keeley Sissons this year! (d452e255)
EAT ME, KEELEY!: Chocolate cravings will be a challenge for Keeley Sissons this year! (d452e255)

JANUARY has always been a time for avoiding temptation, but one chocaholic from Hightown is hoping to help make a difference through her new year resolution.

Keeley Sissons, 35, from Windy Bank, is raising money for charity by giving up her beloved chocolate – for an entire year!

After giving up cigarettes last year, Keeley took comfort in her beloved sweet treat and, coupled with Christmas, said her body suffered the results of her excesses!

She said: “At the moment I have a bottom that seems to have its own planetary system – so I decided that something needed to be done about it.

“I have always loved chocolate – It seems to speak to me on a personal level: ‘eat me, Keeley. Eat me!’ which I don’t think is natural!”

English teacher Keeley will be raising the money for the Duchenne Muscuar Dystrophy Trust, which looks for cures for the debilitating disease.

Her cousin Lisa Kirby has a son, Kaden, who suffers from the condition. Keeley said she wanted to help make a difference to those who are suffering.

She said: “Lisa is always raising money and awareness for Duchenne, and I just wanted to help her and Kaden out.

“Kaden, like all small children is lovely, sweet and a complete horror when in a strop! Show me child who isn’t and I’ll buy you a bar of Galaxy! It would be great to help find a cure, as he is such a nice kid.”

She said she was optimistic about her chances of lasting the whole 12 months, but admitted her resolve was being tested.

She said: “I think I am going okay at the moment, the fact I have not had a cigarette in five months either means I am quite grumpy at the moment!”

The DMD Trust raises funds for research into cures for Duchenne & Becker Muscular Dystrophy. Duchenne is the UK’s second most common inherited life-threatening disease. For more information, visit

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