Church raises funds with Bake Off

A congregation made sweet treats during a family service in aid of a disability charity.

Thursday, 5th March 2015, 1:10 pm
Bake of at St Johns in Cleckheaton

Members of St John’s Church in Cleckheaton held a bake off to raise funds for Kenmore Care Home on Whitcliffe Road.

The event was part of a Leonard Cheshire Disability’s Give and Bake scheme being rolled out through the north of England.

The Rev Brunel James, of St John’s, said: “We’ve always had a warm relationship with Kenmore and people from the congregation act as volunteers there. We know that Kenmore are trying to get this Give and Bake concept going to really try and support what they do.

“And we thought it would make a really good focus for our all-age service.

“We love programmes like Bake Off on the TV, and it’s really empowering for young people.

“During the service we had two youngsters, six to seven-year-olds, who mixed up these buns, they went in the oven and in the middle of the service they were ready!”

Three Kenmore residents and four volunteers turned out for the event at St John’s. It’s estimated that between £60-£90 was raised.

Kenmore representative Jeanette Fulwood said: “The atmosphere was great and they made us so welcome.”