Cleckheaton firefighters’ daring dog rescue

A lucky pup was rescued by specially trained firegfighters from Cleckheaton after she was left stranded on a cliff ledge.

Nine month old Cocker Spaniel Ruby fled from her owners after being involved in a car crash.

HAPPY PUP Ruby, her owners Scott and Becky, and the Cleckheaton firefighters who rescued her.

HAPPY PUP Ruby, her owners Scott and Becky, and the Cleckheaton firefighters who rescued her.

She ran into Flappit Quarry in Denholme, Bradford, where her owners Scott Alderson, 25, and his girlfriend Becky Hall, 20, lost her.

They searched frantically and launched a hunt over the internet.

Then, an eagle-eyed dog walker spotter her on a ledge 50ft up in the quarry last Wednesday, three days after she ran off.

The technical rescue team from Cleckheaton Fire Station rushed to the scene, where they abseiled down to rescue her.

Specialist technical rescue officer Andy Clayton, from Cleckheaton station, said: “She was in a precarious situation. She was right in the middle of the cliff face – 50ft from the top and bottom.

“She did not move a muscle during the rescue – she was frozen solid. But she is fine now. She was eating biscuits afterwards.

“This was a very unusual call-out. The fact that the dog was spotted is unbelievable.”

Her owners Scott and Becky, and a team of helpers, had been searching for Ruby in the area and saw the rescue operation.

Peter Lau, Cleckheaton station manager, said: “The couple realised that they would be putting themselves in a dangerous

position to try and effect a rescue.

“If an animal is in danger the message is to keep everybody out of the way in a safe area and ask somebody who has these skills to come along and assis.”

After the dramatic rescue Ruby was checked over by a vet, and was in good health other than exhaustion and dehydration.

Becky said: “Watching the rescue was terrifying. I could not believe that she was up there in the first place.

“It was amazing to get her back in our arms. The vet said that if she became too exhausted and collapsed she would probably have fallen.

“The firefighters were amazing. It was really daring what they did. We are just so grateful and every single one of them was absolutely tremendous.”

Scott added: “We were scared that she might fall but she stayed there. The firefighters were brilliant. I just can’t believe where she was.”