Cleckheaton man violently attacked his Staffordshire bull Terrier in front of shocked witnesses

A father has been banned from keeping dogs after he kicked and punched a Staffy in front of shocked witnesses.

Saturday, 13th September 2014, 9:00 am
VIOLENT ATTACK Adam Martin Joseph Gregory was banned for keeping dogs after he punched his pet.

Adam Martin Joseph Gregory, 24, of Foldings Road, Cleckheaton, violently attacked his Staffordshire bull terrier, called Troy, several times in December last year.

The father-of-one picked his dog up and threw it on the ground and repeatedly shouted at the animal, causing it to cower in fear.

Andrew Davidson, prosecuting, said a family friend had moved into Gregory’s home which he shared with his now ex-partner on December 13 last year.

The friend moved in to help assist with their care of Gregory’s two-year-old son.

But his ex-girlfriend and their friend watched in horror as Gregory attacked the animal at his home.

They reported him to the RSPCA, Kirklees Magistrates Court heard on Tuesday.

Troy was taken into the charity’s care.

Mr Davidson said Gregory tried to get help for his behaviour.

“A senior community care worker who worked with him said on numerous occasions he shouted aggressively towards Troy,” he said.

“The animal would cower and go low to the ground as he would push him with his foot.

“The officer formed the view that he was aggressive and intimidating.”

The court heard Gregory treated another dog he previously owned, a Staffordshire bull terrier named Poppy, in a similar way.

He owned the dog while living with his ex-girlfriend in Oldham in 2011.

Mr Davidson said Gregory’s former partner told the RSPCA he was violent towards Poppy. The dog was rehomed after the birth of his son.

Andrew Day, mitigating, said Gregory was a single parent and had a very close bond with his child.

“He came in this morning telling me that he had been playing with his son,” he said.

“He loves him very much.”

The court heard Gregory pleaded not guilty to two counts of causing unnecessary suffering to an animal at an earlier hearing.

Gregory was given a 18-week curfew order, to be monitored by an electronic tag,

He was banned from owning dogs, until further notice, and ordered to pay £60 victim surcharge and £200 costs.

A deprivation order was made and Troy will be rehomed.