Clive’s driving lessons pack a punch

A driving instructor has come up with a novel way of encouraging self-discipline and focus in his pupils – martial arts training.

Friday, 14th November 2014, 12:37 pm
Clive Lawrence. (d533b446)

Clive Lawrence, a fifth degree black belt in Jiu-jitsu, is offering free martial arts classes with his driving lessons, which he says will help improve road safety.

Clive, 55, said: “Martial arts relaxes and opens the mind and I thought it would be a good way to calm students before their lessons. As a teacher of Jiu-jitsu for many years I’ve seen first-hand the positive impact it has on people’s lives.”

Clive set up a Jiu-jitsu club called Ippon Jutsu Ryu in Brighouse more than 25 years ago before moving the club to Roberttown.

“People think martial arts are about just throwing kicks and punches about but it is really about control, discipline, compassion and respect,” Clive added.

The father-of-three, who grew up in Birstall, has been an instructor with RED Driving School for the past 12 months.

Clive has travelled the world with Jiu-jitsu, winning medals in world championships in America and Malta. He also held the position of senior referee for Great Britain for a number of years.

Clive is offering all pupils who wish to take up the free martial arts lessons a complimentary 15 minute session ahead of their first driving lesson.

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