Club steward goes dry for charity

Terence Barlow from Heckmondwike Sports Club is currently taking part in 'dry January' in aid of Cancer Research UK. (D531B403)
Terence Barlow from Heckmondwike Sports Club is currently taking part in 'dry January' in aid of Cancer Research UK. (D531B403)

Club steward Terence Barlow can pull and sell a pint, but for this month, he can’t drink a pint as he is going teetotal for charity.

Terence, 52, of Batley Field Hill, is the steward of Heckmondwike Sports Club, and is taking part in Cancer Research UK’s ‘Dryathlon’, a 31 day challenge to give up alcohol throughout the whole of January.

He was asked at DW Sports Fitness , Birstall, to take part and join the DWSF Birstall Teetotallers team, and was more than happy to accept and join the challenge.

Despite being surrounded by alcohol, 30 days in he has managed to resist any urge or temptation to drink any.

In such a testing environment, he acknowledged it would be a difficult challenge.

He said: “I admit I’ve found it tough, working 50 hours a week, I’m spending a lot of my time around alcohol, usually surrounded by people drinking, but I’m starting to find that it’s getting a lot easier, as each week goes by.”

Heading into the last week, he and fellow dryathletes all over the nation are close to succeeding with their goals to get fitter, save money, and raise as much funds as possible to help beat cancer.

He said it was one of the best things he had done.

“Physically and mentally I feel a lot better for it, it’s the best I have felt for a long time” he said.

“I feel great and I’d recommend it to anybody thinking about trying it, especially after Christmas and the New Year, but that’s not to say that any other time of the year wouldn’t suitable, because it would.

“A lot of people know somebody who has suffered from cancer and it’s a charity very close to my heart.”

With just two days remaining, Terence admitted he was ready for his first pint as it hasdbeen a busy month at work, with the club being a venue for various functions over the course of each weekend, but he still remains focused and determined.

“As difficult as it’s been I’ll definitely be attempting it again next year” he added.

He has raised £330 so far, with money still being donated, and the DWSF Birstall Teetotallers have currently raised a combined total of £1352.50.

Any donations are welcome and can be made to Terence’s ‘JustGiving’ account online at or on the charity’s official website at