Councillors to decide what happens to LDF

The future of council plans for new homes and business development is to be discussed.

Friday, 9th August 2013, 2:00 pm

Kirklees Council’s controversial Local Development Framework (LDF) would allow developers to build on green belt land at Cooper Bridge, Chidswell and Thornhill Lees.

The proposal had been submitted for approval earlier this year, but was thrown into chaos after an independent planning inspector raised serious concerns.

The issues raised included housing targets, use of green belt land and whether the council met its duty to co-o perate with neighbouring authorities.

On Tuesday, Kirklees Cabinet members will decide what action to take in response.

If Cabinet members agree the process should continue, an exploratory meeting will be held with the inspector to look at the issues he had raised.

The alternative is to recommend that the matter be sent to full council for a vote on withdrawing the plans.

Cabinet members had been advised to recommend withdrawal last month.

But they decided to wait until an exploratory meeting had been held about Leeds City Council’s LDF.

It found Leeds had met the duty to co-operate.