Country got it all wrong

COULD someone please tell me what is wrong with England when councils insist in moving elderly residents out of their care homes into new ones, running the risk of them passing away because of upheaval?!

Thursday, 28th January 2010, 2:55 pm

Maybe I am on the wrong track and councils know, like the care staff of these homes, that moving elderly residents into new homes carries a risk of a 75 per cent death rate.

How many of the councillors who made this decision in Northampton would cope well with being forcibly removed from their homes?

Are these elderly people who lived through the Second World War, married and had children, brought them up and made all the decisions about their welfare, not capable of determining whether or not they wish to stay in a home which doesn't meet standards?

It has kept them healthy and happy up to now.

If left alone would it stop?

I don't think so, but it would allow them to live the rest of their lives in the place they consider home.

Pensioners who have made contributions to this country all their working life, through tax and national insurance, are living beneath the poverty line, while bankers who almost bankrupted this country and have been bailed out by the tax payer are deciding how big a bonus they can get away with paying themselves.

Not in hundreds of pounds but in billions.

Do you get paid for stuffing up at work?

Would you expect to be rewarded by a large bonus for bankrupting your company?

No! Well why should they?

Paedophiles and murderers should be euthanized as they are unlikely to change and the government is spending millions of pounds keeping them in prisons, while pensioners struggle to live.

You can say that we would be murdering them and God said: "Thou shall not kill", but what is the government doing by sending our troops to Afghanistan and Iraq?

They are killing and being killed in an effort to stop terrorism.

They should look at the records, there are more home grown terrorists than ones that come from Afghanistan.

The money spent on the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq and keeping paedophiles and murderers in prison could be better used by assuring pensioners and people living in poverty are able to live reasonable lives.


Eighth Avenue