Couple’s diamond wedding date

Derrick and Elsie Spencer celebrating their diamond wedding anniversary. (d06071109)
Derrick and Elsie Spencer celebrating their diamond wedding anniversary. (d06071109)

A COUPLE who have known each other since they were children have celebrated 60 years of marriage.

Elsie and Derrick Spencer, who are both 81, celebrated their diamond wedding with a party at the weekend, after first falling in love as teenagers at church more than six decades ago.

The couple, who live in Cleckheaton, met as children but began courting at the age of 18, when Derrick caught Elsie’s eye at social events at St Mary’s Church, Gawthorpe.

They were married at the same church on July 7, 1951.

“It was a medium sized wedding by today’s standards but it was hard to cater for people because it was difficult with the post-war rationing,” said Elsie, whose father ran a small mill at Chickenley Heath.

The couple’s first home was in Chickenley and they moved to Cleckheaton 22 years ago. Derrick was a graphic artist while Elsie worked as an electric meter tester until the birth of their daughter, Julie.

“We’ve had a very happy life together, but that’s what I always expected. We never had big rows and we always just got on. We have lots of happy memories,” added Elsie.

“Derrick was a graphic artist and used to come home and draw beautiful things. He also did glass engraving and painting, he was very talented.”

Derrick now lives at Ings House Nursing Home, where Elsie regularly visits. They celebrated their anniversary at the home with friends and family.

The couple also have two grandsons, Jonathan, 28, and Christopher, 24.