Heckmondwike's Queen Hotel
Heckmondwike's Queen Hotel

A problem drinker has been banned from two Heckmondwike pubs for wielding a pool cue and assaulting a landlord.

Stephen Turton, 26, apologised after Queen Hotel landlord Darren Dickinson asked ‘why are you attacking a Hecky lad?’ and shook his hand – but came straight back and threatened to ‘bray’ him.

Leeds Crown Court heard on Wednesday Turton, of of Wood Terrace, Huddersfield, had been drinking in the Queen Hotel, Westgate, at about 5.30pm on October 22 with his brother.

ProsecutorRichard Davies said Turton began causing problems so Mr Dickinson, who had known the defendant for two years, tried to pacify him, giving him a drink and calling him a taxi.

He went upstairs but was soon called back by bar staff who said Turton was trying to force his way into a private party in another room.

Mr Dickinson tried to stop him so Turton then went behind the bar, saying he wanted a drink and would get it himself.

The landlord approached him but Turton pushed him and punched him in the stomach.

Mr Dickinson asked why he was attacking a ‘Hecky lad’. Turton apologised, shook his hand and left – but then threatened to come back and beat him up.

Turton then went to the Red Lion pub in Town Street, where the landlord, who knew Turton and said he could be aggressive and demanded drinks, asked him to leave.

Turton said no, so the landlord, who said he thought his presence would aggravate Turton, went upstairs, leaving his uncle in the bar.

The court heard Turton grabbed a pool cue and demanded drinks. The other nine customers in the pub left because of his behaviour.

The police were called and Turton left, but came back, picked up a pool cue at the thick end to use as a weapon, then threw it behind the bar.

He was arrested and admitted assault and affray at an earlier hearing.

He was found not guilty of a third charge of possessing an offensive weapon.

Mitigating, Mark Brookes said Turton, who was originally from Batley, had been having relationship problems and was sleeping on his brother’s sofa in Heckmondwike at the time of the offences.

He said Turton had no stable accommodation and was now living between his father and sister’s homes in Huddersfield.

Judge David Hatton QC said Turton could be a violent person, particularly when he had been drinking.

He said it was ‘essential’ he was jailed.

Turton was sentenced to three months in prison for assault and nine months for affray, to be served consecutively. He was banned from both pubs for two years.