Cable thief jailed

robewrt miless
robewrt miless

A MAN who caused thousands of pounds of damage when he stole a length of cable worth £60 from an electricity sub station has been jailed today.

Robert Miles, 34, of South Parade, Cleckheaton, has been jailed for four years after stealing a length of cable from a sub station in Church Lane, Roberttown, which left 200 homes including Roberttown Care Home and Roberttown School without electricity all day.

It was initially thought damage would run to £500,000 but Leeds Crown Court heard this had been revised to £50,000.

Prosecutor Jeremy Hill-Baker said drug addict Miles wrote a letter to the judge saying how sorry he was, and that he had been ‘horrified’ to learn the extent of the damage and distress, including the evacuation of the care home. Residents were taken to the car park wrapped in duvets to keep warm until the power came back on.

But Judge Kerry MacGill said anyone would know how dangerous stealing electric cable could be - and said his sentence should serve as a warning to others how serious the crime was.

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