Family forced into cellar while gang of seven robbed house

A BATLEY family was forced into the cellar of their home while nine masked men searched the house for money and jewellery.

Just after midday on Tuesday one of the suspects, posing as a Royal Mail postman, called at the house in Track Road with a parcel. He entered the property saying one of the nine people inside needed to sign for the package.

Once the seven-strong gang was inside the men threatened the victims, demanding money. It’s believed one of the suspects was armed with a Taser-like device.

They forced the family members into the cellar, where they were locked while the suspects searched the building.

They left having stolen cash and jewellery. None of the family members were injured but were left traumatised.

The suspects, who drove off in a small white van, were described as three white men, three black and one Asian man.

The man who posed as a postman was white, around six-feet tall of medium build with short blond hair and stubble. He was in his late twenties and wore a red Royal Mail jacket.

Another man who was not masked was also in his late twenties, was 5ft 8ins tall and was slim. He had a thin face and small eyes.

The Asian male had a red mark under one of his eyes.

Police are appealing for anyone with information to contact DC Rudge at Dewsbury CID on 01924 431012 or Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.