How you can apply to become a detective with West Yorkshire Police

Detective Superintendent Pat Twiggs, of West Yorkshire Police, is leading the recruitment campaign.
Detective Superintendent Pat Twiggs, of West Yorkshire Police, is leading the recruitment campaign.

West Yorkshire Police is looking for the next generation of detectives to join its ranks and work on some of its most challenging investigations.

From next week, the force will be taking applications from people interested in training up to become detectives capable of investigating everything from burglary and robbery to sexual assaults and cyber crime.

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It is part of a national initiative designed to address the current shortfall in detective numbers and bring rapid support to investigators working in challenging fields.

Detective Superintendent Pat Twiggs, who is heading up the local recruitment campaign, said: “Detectives across West Yorkshire lead some of the most serious and organised crime investigations; the work is challenging but hugely rewarding.

“The landscape of complex crimes is ever-changing – offences range from burglary, robbery, sexual assaults and violent crime. In recent years, detectives are also investigating serious crime using the internet and technology to commit offences and often exploit vulnerable victims.

“We are looking for talented and ambitious individuals who are looking for not only a career in the police service but also aspirations of becoming a detective. This is an exciting opportunity to join one of the UK’s largest police forces.”

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Successful applicants will be appointed as a student officer and will begin a two-year development programme.

Along the way, student officers will follow a path to becoming a substantive police officer but will also have the specific training, support and guidance to become firstly a Trainee Detective Constable and then ultimately a Detective Constable.

The recruitment window opens on September 3 and is due to be open for two weeks.

Successful applicants would start their training course in early 2019.

Visit the West Yorkshire Police website for more information on how to apply and to register your interest.