‘Shamed’ Batley man accused of having ex-wife shot five times


A MAN from Batley is standing trial today for conspiring to have his ex-wife murdered.

Amjid Ali, 42, of Aysgarth Road in Healey, is standing trial along with co-defendant Adnan Khalid, 25, of Fairview Avenue in Carlinghow, who are both accused of conspiracy to commit murder.

Opening the case for the prosecution, Robert Smith QC said the two arranged for Ali’s ex-wife Neelam Amjid to be shot while she was living in Pakistan with a new partner.

Mr Smith said the victim took five bullets to her body on March 31 last year, but she survived as each one missed vital organs.

He said Ali was shamed and humiliated by his former wife’s decision to divorce him, and said to several people she should be shot.

The couple had been having difficulties coming to an arrangement over their properties together, the court heard.

Ali and Khalid deny conspiracy to commit murder.

The trial, which is expected to last for three weeks, continues.