Danger parking outside school

OBSTRUCTION: A car parked illegally outside Cawley Lane School.
OBSTRUCTION: A car parked illegally outside Cawley Lane School.

A HEADTEACHER has appealed to parents to stop parking illegally outside the school and endangering children’s lives.

Richard Ovenden, head of Cawley Lane Junior, Infant and Nursery School in Heckmondwike, said parents were parking on yellow zig-zag lines around the school which were meant to be kept clear at all times - and he was worried a child may end up getting hurt.

He said: “Within a very narrow area there is Heckmondwike Grammar School, Holy Spirit School and us. A lot of parents bring their children by car so we are trying to encourage parents to walk to school.

“Parents park on Chapel Lane opposite the school. There are areas where there is no pavement for the children to walk on.

“We have zig zag yellow lines on Cawley Lane which parents are not adhering to. We can’t get them to understand that if a child makes an error and runs out across the road there is a great risk of serious injury. Everyone has a reason and everybody is in a rush.

“Some of our families are very angry that parents won’t adhere to the signs. This school has 420 pupils. We have 24 teachers, 24 teaching assistants, kitchen staff and visitors. We don’t have sufficient car parking spaces for our cars. We have off road parking which is annoying our neighbours. We ask people to be considerate where they park and not block driveways.”

Mr Ovenden said the school had spoken to traffic wardens and had completed a traffic survey in a bid to curb the problems.

He added: “My biggest concern is that somebody is going to get hurt.”