Dead dog nappy puzzle

A TINY pup wearing a nappy was found dead on a sports field.

The six-week-old female dog was found by Sheryl Clegg, who was walking her own dog on King George IV football fields in Halifax Road, Hightown.

She said the puppy, which was brown and tan and wearing a pink collar with diamante bones, was covered with a T-shirt and had been left near the goalposts.

She said: “We moved the shirt and saw it was a dog which had a nappy on. A woman who lived in Halifax Road came across, and we tried to dig the ground up to bury it but the ground was hard and we couldn’t dig it. The woman took the body to her house and we ended up calling the RSPCA.

“Somebody obviously wanted it to be found because they put it near the goalposts.

“I couldn’t understand why they put a nappy on it – why would someone want to do something like that?”

RSPCA inspector Rachel Oprysk said the charity was looking for the owner to try to find out what happened to the dog.

She said: “We think the puppy may have had a stomach upset or it might not have been trained and that’s why it had a nappy on.

“I couldn’t see any injuries on it but it was in very poor bodily condition – it was very thin. It’s possible it had not been very well looked after.”

Insp Oprysk is appealing for the owner of the dog or anyone who knows what happened to it to contact her on 0300 1234999.