Dedicated group puts its own stamp on national mental health campaign

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A brave group of people affected by mental health problems have put their own stamp on a national campaign.

People using mental health services across Kirklees designed leaflets and posters which they gave out at Dewsbury Market last Friday to mark World Mental Health Day.

The national campaign, which took place on Saturday October 10, aims to breakdown stigma surrounding mental health and raise awareness.

Members of the group, who use employment and tenancy support services in Kirklees, ran a stall in the market on the day.

Anthony Hunt, who uses an employment service for people affected mental health problems, said: “As a group we decided to put together some information about common myths about mental health and what the general public can do to make life a bit easier for people that have a mental illness.

“If someone had said to me I would experience a mental health issue a few years ago, I would have laughed.

“I’ve always run my own business and really didn’t expect to find my self dealing with depression and anxiety.

“I really didn’t understand that mental health issues can affect anyone and I know there are still many people with that attitude.”

The group gave out information about mental health services on offer in the area and organised a special quiz on mental health knowledge.

Members of the group have met regularly to put information together that challenges myths about mental health.