Dewsbury EDL bomb plotters could have sparked more terror

BOMBERS' TARGET The EDL rally in Dewsbury last summer.
BOMBERS' TARGET The EDL rally in Dewsbury last summer.

Would-be bombers who planned a terror attack targeting a far-right demo in Dewsbury would have sparked “a spiral of violence and terror,” a court heard today (Thursday).

More details of the six extremists’ plans for the attack on the EDL demonstration in June last year were revealed at the Old Bailey, as a judge heard more from the prosecution case.

The plot to target the EDL rally in Dewsbury only failed by chance, and the six conspirators would have gone on to attack another rally by the far right group had they not been stopped, the court heard.

Jewel Uddin, 27, Omar Mohammed Khan, 31, Mohammed Hasseen, 24, Anzal Hussain, 25, Mohammed Saud, 23, and Zohaib Ahmed, 22, admitted planning the attack at a hearing on April 30. The men, from the West Midlands, are due to be sentenced either today or tomorrow.

Prosecutor Bobbie Cheema QC said: “The defendants have admitted what is obvious from the evidence gathered during the careful police investigation: that they intended to bring about a violent confrontation with the EDL during which they intended to use weapons to cause serious injuries and they anticipated, each one of them, that some victims may have died.

“It takes but a little contemplation to realise that had the retaliatory attack gone ahead as planned it would have had a powerful impact on relations between different groups who for the most part live peacefully alongside each other in the UK and that impact would probably have still been reverberating today.

“There can be little doubt that a violent attack of the kind intended to be carried out would have been bound to draw a response in revenge from its target and most likely would have led to a tit-for-tat spiral of violence and terror. The defendants anticipated as much.”

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