Dewsbury's professional wrestler is busy living his dream

Pic credit: Jamie Spaul
Pic credit: Jamie Spaul

A wrestler from Dewsbury quickly making his way on the professional scene has spoken about his whirlwind route to the top rope.

Amir Jordan travels the country performing to audiences of thousands. Having given up a career in the international banking industry to follow his dream of performing in the ring, the former high-flyer went to a six-month training camp in Canada.

Dewsbury's Amir Jordan has risen to the top of the UK wrestling scene.

Dewsbury's Amir Jordan has risen to the top of the UK wrestling scene.

And now four years on, the 28-year-old says he is living the dream and has absolutely no regrets.

“It was something I always wanted to try, it was always in my mind,” he said, “but it’s obviously not a regular career path.

“I was sat there at 24, in the job I was in, living in London, having lived in New York with all this life experience, but I just couldn’t see myself doing it for 20 or 25 years. I didn’t want to get to the age of 50 with any regrets, so I went for it.”

Amir moved to Calgary in Canada, telling his family he had gone there in a banking role. The son of a doctor and a linguist, he said it took them a while to accept his dream.

“I moved to Dewsbury from Pakistan when I was four,” he said, “my family is a very traditional Pakistani family and expect a conventional route through life; school, college, university, job, house, marriage, kids.

“Their response to what I wanted to do was pretty reserved at first. It was a risk and they were concerned that I hadn’t made the right decision.

“But as time has gone on my family have been a lot more accepting, seeing how much I enjoy doing what I do, certainly my brother and sister, they came around to it and then encouraged me to pursue it.”

Amir’s passion for wrestling was sparked at a young age as he would often settle down to watch WWF videos with his grandfather.

“Moving to a different country at such a young age, having to learn the language and so on, it was tough for a little kid.

“Wrestling became my go-to, it was my own little thing that I had, watching those VHS tapes over and over again.

“Now, performing in front of all those people, hearing the announcer say ‘from Dewsbury, West Yorkshire; Amir Jordan’, it makes me so proud. That’s one of the real thrills of doing what I do.”

Main photo courtesy of Jamie Spaul - @jamiespaulphoto