Diamond Jubilee plans

SPEN folk who want to celebrate the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee could be given funding to help stage activities.

The Spen Valley Area Committee will meet on Tuesday to discuss setting aside £6,000 to provide funding for community groups who want to hold activities.

Up to £500 will be available for each organisation, with priority given to grant applications where the group can match 50 per cent of the funding.

If the funding is approved, groups would then have until March 13 to get their applications into the council.

The council is particularly keen to hear from youth orientated groups and ideas that are likely to leave a lasting legacy in Spen Valley.

The council is hoping a network of Jubilee Friends can be established in parks across the valley.

Alongside the scheme, the committee is set to discuss the creation of Jubilee Orchards to provide a long-term reminder of the celebrations for years to come. Trees would be planted to mark the jubilee, with fruit trees also planted by school children from Spen.

The orchard plan would cost £7,000.