Disabled and elderly people find it “impossible” to access Cleckheaton’s town hall

Cleckheaton Town Hall. (D541E414)
Cleckheaton Town Hall. (D541E414)

Disabled and elderly people find it “impossible” to access Cleckheaton’s town hall nine months after it was ram raided, it has been claimed.

Baroness Kath Pinnock is angry that Kirklees Council have failed to repair an automatic door broken during the incident on January 15.

Previously, a heavier wooden door was propped open so residents could easily access the building. But because the second automatic door is still broken, the first has to be closed so the heat does not escape.

Baroness Pinnock (Lib Dem, Cleckheaton) said: “It’s making it impossible for people in wheelchairs and older people.”

“The automatic doors have not been replaced so currently there’s a big gap where the doors were.

“I’ve been in contact with the council over the months about getting them to repair it.

“Nine months on and we still haven’t got some. The weather is coming and it’s unacceptable.”

“It’s not going to break the council’s piggy bank.

“They have a responsibility under the law to make sure people can access their buildings.

Currently that law is being broken.”

She said the council’s initial response by fixing the main door was good.

A Land Rover Discovery was driven into the building during the raid and a Mitsubishi Shogun used as the getaway vehicle.

The culprits unsuccessfully tried to take the till.

A council spokesperson said: “The works to reinstate the inner doors at Cleckheaton Town Hall following the ram raid are continuing.

“The immediate area was surveyed and some adjustments to the structure of the existing wall are required before the replacement doors can be installed. We expect the doors to be installed in November.”