Driving down poverty

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A FOOD drive by Tesco in Cleckheaton had goods worth £1,334 donated in just two days.

The food will be distributed to charities for use by food banks and for feeding vulnerable and homeless people.

The store, working with the charity Fareshare, encouraged people to donate packets, tins and treats. Manager Clare Findlay said: “Our store did very well – thanks to our customers who were so generous. Tesco will now donate an additional 30 per cent on top of what we raised here.”

Spen MP Mike Wood dropped in to help with the food drive. He said: “It is incredible that as one of the richest countries in the world we are in a situation where an increasing number of our citizens rely on food banks to survive. Food poverty is becoming more and more of a problem and sadly that means events like this are vital. The work done by Tesco and the generosity of local people visiting its stores last weekend and making donations was very impressive.”