Drunk man ran on to train tracks

A MAN who ran onto the tracks at Dewsbury railway station while he was drunk has been put under an eight week curfew.

Gary Foley, of Oxford Road, Gomersal, was shouting, swearing and kicking the tyres of a Metro bus when police arrived at South Street, Dewsbury, at 12.20pm on February 16.

Dewsbury Magistrates Court heard that 21-year-old Foley was swaying and shouted ‘Don’t come near me’ as an officer went towards him.

He pushed her away before running off towards Dewsbury railway station.

Foley jumped onto the tracks and police gave an order for all trains to be stopped.

He crossed over to the opposite platform but jumped back onto the railway line when he saw officers moving in.

He was arrested on the tracks and shouted ‘I love my mum. My mum’s dead’.

However he then said his mum had thrown him out for being drunk.

Foley admitted being drunk and disorderly, trespassing on a railway and obstructing a PC.

David Ward, mitigating, said Foley wanted to join the army but had been unable to progress to his second interview because of other unresolved charges which he denied.

He said Foley had turned to drinking but had now booked his first appointment with the On-TRAK alcohol service.

District Judge Marie Mallon said she was surprised the court did not have greater sentencing powers when it came to trespass on the railway.

Handing Foley an eight week electronic curfew with £85 costs, she said: “Doing what you did obviously causes disruption and could cause severe damage. You obviously didn’t think at all.”