Editorial comment: Remember our heroes

This weekend, Britain will stand together and remember the fallen soldiers of conflicts past and present.

And although the tradition dates back for decades, the stories of fallen heroes now resonates as strongly as it ever has done.

You will be hard-pressed to find somebody who hasn’t had a friend or relative serve in a foreign conflict over the past 10 years, and the outpouring of grief and mourning whenever a life is lost overseas shows us that, despite our differences, we will all stand together to remember our lost friends.

Remembrance is not only about grief, however, but also hope – Pte Matthew Light, from East Bierley, was injured in the Afghan conflict last year, yet is now on the road to recovery and will be in attendance at the Birkenshaw Remembrance service on Sunday.

This week has also seen the opening of the Remembrance garden in neighbouring Cleckheaton, which showed the deep-rooted sense of respect and gratitude local people feel towards the armed forces in North Kirklees.

So this is an opportunity to wear your poppy with pride, and not only remember the soldiers who lost their lives in conflicts past and present, but remember what they fought so valiantly for – the Britain they deserve and the Britain you can be proud of.