A-level results: St John Fisher Catholic High School

The following are the A-level and AS-level results for St John Fisher Catholic High School:

A Ahmed, dhs; N Ali, psy, lw, bs, finance; M Anthoney, gs, p, gy, lw; R Anthoney, h (A), eng lit (A), rs (A), mus; K Bardon, eng lit, cy, bi; F Bashir, psy, eng lit, lw; L Beaumont, hs, med, ts; J Benecke, dhs, med; E Blanchfield, m; psy, finance (A); N Bould, gs, h, eng, gy, lw; J Bownass, sp st3; L Brennan, dhs; M Brook-Senior, bs, tt; C Brosnan, it, bs, law; D Buckley, sp st3, finance (A); B Burton, m, apld sci; A Butterfield, h, eng, eng lit; L Camponi, dhs, psy, lw; E Castlehouse, sp st3 (A); A Chisholm, it, bs, finance; S Chrzanowski, dhs; A Clough, gs, h, eng (A), lw (A), fr (A); R Davies, sp st3; J Dawson, ts, finance; J Dickinson, gs, prod des, it (A), lw (A), gy; A Dipper, sp st, med; J Diskin, h, it, bs; R Driver, m, cy, bi, gs; L Dunwell, hs, eng, bs; R Ellis, h, psy, eng lit, ts; D Emsley, dance, tex, ts; B Fisher, dance, rs, tt; S Flanagan, h, rs; G Gavaghan, prod des, eng, sp st; L Goodlad, hs, med, apld sci; L Gudgeon, dhs, psy; E Halloran, eng, lw, rs (A); O Hampshire, m, cy; A Hargreaves, gs, m (A), fm, cy (A), bi; R Harpur, gs, psy, eng lit, ped; I Hasan, it (A), lw (A), sp st (A), finance (A); B Henry, prod des, it, bs; K Hooley, dhs, psy; M Howes, sp st3; T Hussain, tex, dhs; H Iqbal, prod des, a, tt; S Iqba, eng, bs, med, it; J Irwin, gs (A), m (A), p (A), gy (A), fr; A Jackson, prod des, psy, ped, lw; C Jackson, hs, sp st (A); P Kane, gs, h (A), eng lit, gy (A), bi; S Kelly, gs, prod des, a, eng lit; M Kettlewell, sp st3; M Kilroy, dance, tex; K Lai, prod des, a (A), bs; R Laidlaw, gs, prod des, it, bs, lw; C Lawton, gs, p, ped, lw; S Lindley, gs, a, eng lit, cy, bi; J Link, h, lw, rs; M Logush, gs, m (A*), p (A), fm (A), mus; N Lynch, h, lw, bi; J Lyons, m, p, gy; C Maguire, it, sp st, med, finance; C Mallender, tex, a; N Megyery, psy, lw; A Mowbray, sp st; F Mullaney, gs, dance, eng, lw, rs; L Nutton, tex, a, eng lit, rs (A); E O’Hanlon, dhs; M O’Leary, gs, m, p, rs; J Parkinson, prod des, it, sp st (A); C Parlar, gs, dhs, it, eng lit; F Patel, sp st3 (A); apld sci; A Pollard, gs, h, eng, eng lit, fr; K Porrelli, dhs (A), tex (A); L Raper, rs, tt; K Reeve, dhs, a; K Riley, dhs, bs; L Riley, prod des, a; G Robinson, eng, bs, ts; R Roman, dance, a, ts; R Smales, hs, sp st; C Stacey, dhs, med; E Summerscales, h, bi, m; H Sykes, dhs (A), med; B Taylor, it, ped; J Taylor, it, bs; H Wilson, bs, lw; L Woodhouse, sp st (A); C Woolven, prod des, sp st, med, a; A Wray, dhs (A), rs; L Wray, hs, eng; L Zserdicky, sp st3.