AS Level and A Level results for north Kirklees schools

THE wait is finally over for sixth form pupils and college students across North Kirklees who are picking up their AS Level and A Level results today.

We’ll be updating this story with results as they come in.

Scroll to the bottom of the story for the results key.


A Adam, dsh, rs; Z Ahmed, eng lit, ph, rs; S Ahmed, hs, it, soc; S Akhtar, eng, it, med (A), soc; U Ali, med, u (A); U Amjad, a, ac, u (A); S Amjad, it, med, soc=; A Arif, a, ac, u= (A); M Arif, a, eng, ph; R Arif, dsh, it; B Babar, a, ph, tt; S Badat, ac, ad, rs; N Badat, hs (A), ls, rs; S Batool, hs, med, soc; A Bhana, eng, eng lit, rs; H Bismillah, it, rs, tt; Z Bostan, bi, cy, m; S Daji, cy, hs, m; T Hakim, dsh; N Hanif, a, rs, u (A); A Hussain, dsh, it; M Hussain, a, it, soc; L Hussain, eng, it, soc; N Hussain, hs, ph, soc; Marium Hussain, hs, it; Sherbano Hussain, ph; Mehwish Hussain, it, rs, u (A*); Z Hussain, a, ac; S Hussain, hs, rs, u (A); R Ishtiaq, a, eng lit, rs; P Jackson, eng, hs; ph (A*); M Karoliya, eng lit, psy=, soc; S Khalil, hs, tt, u (A); S Khan, bi, eng, m (A); A Khan, cy, eng, soc; M Khan, eng lit, hs, psy=; N Khan, a, hs, it; T Kholwadia, eng lit, psy, tt; S Laher, bi, cy, soc; S Laraib, a (A*), med, ph (A*); R Little, hs, it, ph; F Lorgat, eng lit, psy, soc; M Mahmood, it, u; B Mahroof, eng, ls, u; F Mamaniat, bi, m, u (A); S Master, bi, m, rs; N Matwadia, bi, cy, psy; A Mayat, bi, cy=, psy; S Mir, eng, eng lit=, rs; U Miya, hs, rs, u (A); I Mohammed, psy, rs, soc; R Motara, med=, ph, rs; T Munshi, a, eng lit, rs; Z Nadat, bi, m; R Nazir, bi, cy, psy; T Pandor, eng, eng lit (A), psy; K Pandor, eng, rs, soc (A*), u (A); S Patel, ac, dsh; Kulsum Patel, eng, eng lit, rs, soc; R Patel, dsh (AB), rs, soc (A); K Patel, dsh, tt; U Patel, eng, hs, soc; A Rafiq, a (A), ph, tt; S Raja, eng, hs, soc; M Raje, eng lit, psy, soc; S Ramzan, hs, it, ls; M Rani, eng, rs, soc; S Ravat, eng, rs, soc; A Rawat, bi, cy, m; H Rhodes, ad, eng, eng lit; Z Saiyed, eng, hs, u (A); A Salejee, dhs, it; F Salejee, ac, it, rs; S Satar, it, m=, u (A*); M Shah, a, ac, ph=; U Shah, eng lit, med; R Shaikh, eng, hs, soc; F Shakoor, rs, soc, u (A); M Sheikh, eng lit, hs, psy; R Sidat, eng, hs, u; F Sidat, it, ls, u; A Sowerby, eng, ls, soc; S Usman, hs, soc, tt; S Zaid, a, med=, rs.


C Arthurs, bs, ell, gs, rs; C Binns, ad, ell, gs, gy; T Brown, bi, cy, m; M Chopdat, bi, cy, m; M Chothia, bs, ell, it; F Dobson, bi, bs, m; A Haigh, ell, rs; A Hamid, bi (A), bs (A), cy; A Hepworth, bi, m, psy; M Lambat, bi, it, rs; H Lill, ad, ell; U Majid, bi, bs, cy; H Maniyar, bi, ell, it; A Mayet, bi, cy, gy (A); J Mousavi, it, m; C Mullaney, ad (A), bi, gs; N Saleem, bi, cy, gy; A Seedat, bs, ell, gs, it; P Swift, m; N Tyson, bi, cy, psy; S Walters, bi, cy, cc, gs (A), psy; F Wyatt, cc, gs, gy, rs (A).


Sabah Ahmed, bi, cy, gs, psy, cz=, soc=; Siyra Ahmed, bi, cy, gs, psy, m=; T Aisthorpe, cs (A), gs, m (A), p, cy=, cz=, fm=; A Akbar, cz, eng, gs, lw, m, ped=; M Akhtar, gs, gy, psy, rs (A), cz=, eng=; N Akhtar, bs, rs, geo, cz=, gs=, po=; J Alderson, eng lit (A*), epq, gs (A), hy (A), po, crit=, med=; F Ali, bi, cy, epq, gs, m, pf=, rs=; I Ali, bi, cy, it, crit=, gs=, m=; S Ali, bi (A), cy, cz (A), e, epq, gs, m=; Z Ali, bi, cy, psy, crit=, gs=, m=; B Allen, bi, epq, gs, gy, psy, cz=, mus=; M Alvin, epq, gs, psy, soc, ped, cz=; E Ameru, bi, cy, epq, gs, m, crit=, psy=; H Arshid, bi (A), cy (A*), epq, gs, m (A*), cz=, p=; C Ashton, bi (A), cy (A), epq, gs (A), m (A), eng lit=, pf=; N Asmar, bi (A*), cy (A*), epq, gs, m (A*), p (A*), fm=; A Atkinson, eng, gs (A*), gy, psy (A), bi=, cz=, est=; J Austwick, cs, gs, m, p, cy=, cz=; L Avery, bs (A), gs, m (A), psy, crit=, lw=; J Avison, gs, gy (A), m, p, cz=, des tech=; J Bailey, bi, cy, epq, gs, p, crit=, m=; N Bailey, cy, cs, gs, m, fm, p=; M Balouch, bi (A), cy (A), gs, p (A), u (A*), psy=; G Barry, fr (A), gs (A*), m (A), po (A), crit=, eng lit=; L Beasty, bs, gs, hy, m, cz=, e=; K Betts, e, gs (A), hy, s, cz=, eng lit=; Y Bhayat, cs, gs, m, p, cy=; S Binns, gs (A), hy, psy, soc (A), crit=, eng=; S Birbeck, epq, gs, psy, ped, bi=, crit=, eng lit=, soc=; F Bobat, bi, cy, gs, m, crit=, des tech=; D Bottomley, epq, gs (A), gy, hy (A), po (A), geo; H Brady, eng (A), eng lit (A*), epq, gs (A*), hy (A), med (A*), crit=; A Briggs, eng lit, epq (A), gs, hy (A), psy, crit=, m=; M Brook, bi, gs, geo (A), ped; K Buchanan, bs, e, fr, gs, bi=, crit=; S Bull, cy (A*), gs, m (A), fm (A), p (A), ad=; K Bunting, bi, epq (A), gs (A), pf, psy (A), soc (A), cy=; S Burgess, bs, epq (A), gs (A*), med (A), psy; C Burns, bi (A*), cy (A*), epq (A), gs (A), gy (A*), m (A*), e=; K Bushra, cy (A), fr, m, bi=; N Byrne, cy, fd (A), epq, gs, psy, bi=, crit=; M Carlile, eng lit (A), fr (A), gs (A), po (A*), s (A*), h=; S Carr, bi, gs, lw (A), psy, crit=, eng=; E Chapman, bs, epq, gs, gy, m, p=; H Chaudhry, bi, cy, gs, soc, cz=, psy=; E Clarke, epq (A), gs, hy, psy, soc (A), eng lit=, gy=; R Collomosse, bs, eng, gs, psy, crit=, lw=; B Copley, bi, gs, hy, it, cy=, cz=; R Cowling, bi, epq (A), gs, psy (A*), ped (A), crit=, eng lit=; A Craig, bi, cy (A), gs, m, cz=, p=; U Daji, bi, bs (A), cy, gs, e=; H Daoud, bi (A*), cy (A*), epq, gs, m (A*), p (A), fm=; I Degha, ad, des tech, gs, m, cz=, p=; Z Delair, bi, cy, gs, m, crit=, it=; I Dempsey, bs, e, gs, hy, crit=; S Denton, cy, eng lit (A), epq (A), gs (A), m (A), p (A), des tech=; L Devonport, bs (A), gs, m, med (A), bi=; F Dooley, bi, gs, m, soc, cy=, crit=; F Doubell, epq (A), gs (A), gy (A), m, p, geo (A), pf=; S Drake, gs, hy, psy, bi=, crit=; S Dunne, bi (A), eng, epq, gs, psy (A*), cy=, crit=, med=; H Eakin, ad, bs, gs, p, crit=, m=; L Eason, epq, gs, m, mt, p, crit=, e=; H Edson, bs (A*), e (A), epq, gs (A), m, ped, p=; S Eggett, fd (A*), eng lit (A), epq (A), gs (A*), hy (A), lw (A*), crit=; F Emmerson, e, gs, m, p, ped=; H Esmail, bi (A), cy (A), epq, gs, m, crit=, p=; Mohammad Essat, bi (A), cy, gs, gy, m=, p=; Muhammad Essat, bi, cy, gs, m, it=; A Etherington, eng, gs, med, ped, crit=; S Farooq, gs, po, rs, soc; J Farr, ad, eng, epq, gs, med, cz=, psy=; A Fiaz, bi, cy (A), epq, gs, p, m=; J Fisk, eng, gs, hy (A), ped (A), crit=, g=; L Fletcher, epq, gs, m (A), mt, p, cz=, des tech=; J Francis-Smithson, bi (A*), cy (A), gs, gy (A), p=; H Froggatt, eng (A), eng lit (A), gs, hy (A), g=, m=; S Gajra, bi, cy (A), gs, hy (A), m (A), crit=; E Gambles, fd (A), epq (A*), gs (A*), psy, geo, ped, lw=; P Gape, epq (A*), gs (A), m (A*), fm (A*), p (A*), po (A*), e=; S Gardner, cy, epq, gs, m, geo (A), bi=, mus=; M Gillings, eng (A), epq (A), gs (A), psy, soc (A*), crit=, eng lit=; J Glassett, bi (A), cy (A), epq, gs, gy (A), m (A), p=; B Glover, des tech (A*), gs, m (A), fm, p, crit=; J Godden, eng lit, epq, gs, pf, ped, bi=, crit=; E Gorman, gs, gy (A), m, p, ped=; J Grace, fd (A), gs, mt, ped, crit=, psy=; A Green, bi, epq, gs (A), gy, m, p, cy=; M Griffiths, eng lit, gs, med, s, crit=, fr=; A Gunawan, des tech (A*), epq, gs (A), m (A*), fm (A*), p (A*), e=; H Hafez, ad, cz (A), gs, lw, rs, eng=; J Hainsworth, bs, gs, gy, m, crit=, p=; R Hainsworth, eng, it, crit=, gs=, soc=; M Haley, eng lit (A), gs, gy, mus, crit=, m=; T Halford, bi, e (A), gs, m (A), cy=, crit=; D Hall, bi (A), cy (A*), epq (A), gs, m (A), crit=, gy=; J Hanson, bi, cy, gs (A), p, psy (A), m=; H Hardy, eng lit (A), fr (A), gs (A), hy, L Hardy, eng, gs, gy, med, crit=, it=; A Haroon, bi, cy, epq, p, crit=, gs=, h=; L Harrison, eng lit, epq (A*), gs, hy (A), po, crit=, eng=; A Harwood, e (A*), epq, gs, m (A*), p (A*), fm=; J Helliwell, bi (A*), cy (A), e (A*), epq, gs, m (A), crit=; J Heseltine, cy (A*), epq (A), gs (A), m (A*), fm (A*), adfm (A*), p (A*), bi=; J Hill, bs, e, gs, po; B Hirst, bs, eng, gs, gy, crit=, m=; C Hogg, bi (A), cy, gy (A), crit=, gs=, m=; N Holdsworth, tex, eng, epq, gs, psy, crit=, m=; J Holloway, eng lit (A), gs, hy (A), po, cz=, eng=; D Holt, des tech (A*), epq (A), gs, m (A*), fm (A), p (A), crit=; A Hornby, fr, gs, psy, rs, cz=, g=; C Housecroft, epq, gs, hy, psy, cy=, crit=, soc=; J Housecroft, cy, e, gs, m, p=; A Hussain, bi (A*), cy (A), gs (A*), hy (A), m (A), rs=; F Hussain, gs, lw, po, rs; Hasinah Hussain, bi, cy (A), epq (A), gs, m (A), crit=, rs=; Humairah Hussain, eng, gs, gy, soc, cz=; S Hussain, gs, psy, rs, soc, cz=, eng=; Z Hussain, bi, cy, gs, soc, bs=, cz=; N Iqbal, fd, psy, soc, bi=, cy=, crit=, gs=; Z Iqbal, des tech (A), m (A), p, gs=; H Jasat, eng, gs, psy, soc (A), bi=, cz=; N Javed, bi, cy, gs, m, cz=, p=; B Jenkins, eng lit (A), gs, hy (A), pf, crit=, m=; A Johnson, bs, eng lit, gs, psy; C Johnson, epq (A), gs, gy, hy (A), soc (A), crit=, des tech=; S Johnston, ad, eng, fr, gs, crit=, m=; L Jokl, bi, cy, epq, gs, psy, crit=, m=; T Kargwal, e (A*), epq (A), gs (A), m (A*), fm (A), po (A), p=; A Kausar, bi, cy, epq, gs, psy, cz=, p=; N Kauser, bi, cy, gs, m, cz=, psy=; J Kazi, gs, po, rs, soc, cz=, e=; A Khan, gs, gy, po; K Khan, bi, cy, gs, psy, cz=, m=; M Khan, gs, gy, m, psy, cz=, p=; S Kiani, bi, cy, gs, m, cz=, psy=; F Kola, bi, bs (A), gs, m, cz=; M Laher, bi, cy, gs, hy, m=, psy=; M Lambat, cy, gs, psy, rs, cz=, p=; N Leedham, des tech, gs, m, p, bs=, crit=; Z Longbottom, tex (A), gs, it, m, pf, g=; K Loonat, bi, bs, cy, gs, cz=, m=; S Lucas, bi (A), bs (A), cy (A*), gs (A), m (A*), eng lit=; H Lunat, bi, bs, cy, gs, eng=; R Mahmood, bi (A*), cy (A*), gs, m (A*), crit=, eng lit=; J Malek, cs (A), gs, m (A), p (A), cy=, crit=, fm=; L Mallin, des tech, gs, m, p, cy=, crit=; A Mamaniat, bi, cy, gs, gy, cz=, m=; M Mamaniat, cy, e, gs, m, bi=, crit=; D Marriott, bi, cy (A), eng lit (A), epq, gs, crit=, h=; H Martin, cy, epq, gs, m, p, bi=, crit=, geo=; P Martin, eng, epq, gs, hy, med (A); L Mason, des tech, mus, mt, gs=; A McDonald, bi, gs, m, p, cy=, crit=; S McGaughran, gs, mus, mt, cz=; Z McKeown, fr (A), gs, hy (A), med, po, eng lit=; S McMahon, bs, e, gs, psy, crit=, m=; T Mellor, bi, gs, gy, ped (A), cy=, it=; O Miah, bi, cy, eng, gs; M Mirza, cz (A*), eng, gs, psy, rs (A), bi=; J Mitchell, bi, gs, psy, geo, cy=, crit=; N Momaniat, bi, cy, gs (A*), rs (A), eng lit=, h=; J Moore, des tech, gs, it, ped, cz=; C Morris, cy (A), epq, gs (A), m (A*), fm (A), p (A*), h=; R Motala, gs, psy, soc, crit=, fd=, eng=, m=; S Motara, bs, gs, m, p, cy=, crit=; S Mulla, bi, bs, eng, gs, cy=, cz=; T Mulla, cz, eng lit, gs, psy, bi=; H Munir, gs, it, m, u, bs=, cy=, cz=; C Murray, cs (A), epq, gs, m (A*), fm (A), p (A), cy=, adfm=; R Myers, bs, eng, gs, soc, crit=, eng lit=; J Nagy, bi (A), cy (A), gs, p (A), crit=, m=; R Nayyar, bi (A), cy (A), epq (A), gs (A), psy (A*), cz=, m=; L North, bi, bs, gs, psy, eng=, g=; D Nurgat, bi, cy, gs, m, e=; S Okarski, e, gs, ped, bs=, cz=, m=; L Oldroyd, eng, epq, gs (A), lw, soc, cz=, psy=; O Omosigho, bs, des tech, e, gs, po=; L Pachniuk, tex, gs, soc, crit=, psy=; A Pandor, bi, cy, gs, soc, cz=, psy=; K Parkin, epq, gs, gy, m (A), p, cz=, fm=; A Patel, bi (A), eng lit (A), gs, hy (A), psy (A), lw=; F Patel, eng lit, gs, po, soc;, H Patel, gs, hy, it, rs (A*), cz=, m=; Mohammed Patel, cy, fd, m, bi=, gs=; Muhammad Patel, bi, cy, gs, m, h=, p=; N Patel, bi, cy (A), epq (A*), gs, m, crit=, p=; Sarah Patel, eng, gs, psy, rs (A); Sonam Patel, bi (A), cy (A*), gs (A), m (A), crit=, psy=; T Patel, cy, eng (A), epq (A), gs, m (A), bi=, p=; U Patel, bs, eng, gs, soc, cz=, h=; A Peace, bi, bs, gs, ped, m=, psy=; D Peacock, bs, e, epq (A), gs, po, crit=, med=; R Pedley, bs, gs, med, po, cy=, cz=; O Phillips, eng lit, gs, hy, soc, cz=, eng=; C Pichowicz, epq, gs, hy, lw, psy, crit=, m=; H Pickering, eng lit, epq, gs, mus, psy, mt=, pf=; J Piestrak, e, gs, m, po, crit=, psy=; D Plachcinski, cy (A), gs, m (A), p (A), bi=, crit=, fm=; S Porritt, bi (A), cy (A), gs, m (A), p (A), gy=; M Powders, cy, gs, m, fm, p, bi=; E Powell, bi (A), epq (A), gs, m (A), geo (A), cy=, crit=; J Priestley, gs, m, mt, p, crit=, mus=; A Pyke, e, gs, hy, m, crit=, p=; D Raine, bi, gs, gy, psy, cy=, crit=; M Raja, cy, gs, m (A), p, bi=, e=; A Razzak, bi, cy, epq, m (A), crit=, e=, gs=; D Rhodes, bi, gs, ped, crit=, gy=, m=, p=; J Rhodes, bi (A), cy (A), epq (A), gs (A), m (A), p (A), h=, fm=; T Rhodes, gs, hy, m, psy, p=; R Richardson, eng (A), epq, gs (A), med, soc (A), crit=, s=; A Riding, tex, eng, gs, med, eng lit=, pf=, psy=; S Riley, ad (A), gs, hy (A), po, tex=, crit=, eng lit=; J Roberts, bs, m, mus=; S Robertson, gs, m, p, psy (A), cy=, crit=; S Robinson, bs, gs, pf, psy, crit=; F Sakha, bi, cy (A), epq, gs, gy, m (A), p=; B Saloo, cy, cs, gs, gy, cz=, p=; F Saunders, eng, eng lit, gs, hy, bi=, cz=; R Senior, bi, gs, gy (A), ped (A*), cy=, m=; H Sidat, tex, bi, cy (A), epq (A*), gs, m (A), psy=; J Smith, bs (A), eng (A), epq, gs, soc (A), crit=, gy=; C Spellman, bi (A), bs (A), epq (A*), gs, psy, cy=, crit=; J Stark, bi (A), epq, gs, m (A), p (A), cy=, crit=; R Stead, bi, eng (A), eng lit (A), gs (A), m=; A Stogden, cy, epq, gs, m, psy, crit=, e=; H Stuart, bi (A), bs (A), gs, lw, cy=, crit=; F Stuart-Clark, ad (A), cy, gs, tex=, bi=, crit=, p=; K Sugden, bs, cs, epq, p, gs=; I Suleman, bi (A), cy (A*), epq, gs, m (A*), p (A), fm=; S Sullivan, bi (A), cy, epq, psy (A*), bs=, crit=; J Sykes, des tech, gs, m, fm, p; S Tailor, bi, bs (A), gs, m, cy=, cz=; E Tankard, eng lit (A), epq (A), gs (A), m (A), med (A*), p, ped=; B Tattersley, cy, gs, m (A*), fm (A), p (A), des tech=; C Taylor, cy, eng lit, epq, gs, psy, bi=, crit=; K Taylor, bs (A), e (A), epq, gs, hy (A), tex=, crit=; P Thomson, bs, des tech, gs, gy; L Tolson, cz (A*), fd, gs (A), rs (A), soc, h=; Y Tordoff, bi (A), cy (A), m (A*), cz=, p=; L Tuck, bi, gs, m, ped (A), cy=, p=; L Turner, bi, gs, gy, psy, cy=, cz=; A Valli, bi (A*), cy (A*), e (A*), gs (A), m (A*), eng lit=; H Valli, bi, e (A), gs, m, crit=, eng lit=; S Variava, bi, bs, cy, cz=, gs=psy=; L Walker, bs, eng, gs, m, cz=, e=; N Walker, bi (A), cy (A*), epq (A), gs, p, crit=, m=; J Walton, bi (A), cy (A), epq (A), gs, m (A), cz=, p=; K Wan, bi (A), epq, gs (A), hy (A), p, psy (A), cy=; L Warwick, eng lit, gs, hy (A), po (A), cz=, med=; O Webster, bs, des tech, mt, crit=, e=gs=; C Wells, bi, cy, epq (A), gs (A), it, psy, m=; K White, bs, eng lit, gs, s, bi=, crit=; S Whiteley, bi (A), cy (A*), epq, gs, m (A*), psy (A), fr=; K Whittaker, bi, gs, gy (A), m, crit=, ped=; A Wilkinson, bs, e, gs, cz=, gy=, m=; J Wilkinson, bi, cy, epq, gs, gy (A), crit=, eng=; T Williams, bs, e, gs (A), hy; J Willis, bs (A), e, eng, gs, m, po=; J Wilson, bi (A), epq, gs (A), m (A), fm, p (A), cy=; P Wilson, cy, gs, m, mt, p (A), mus=; J Woodcock-Shaw, bi (A*), cy (A*), epq, gs, m, ped (A), h=; E Wormald, eng, gs, m, psy, crit=, des tech=; C Wright, gs, gy (A), it, m (A), p (A), e=; E Wrigley, bs, eng (A), epq, gs, psy (A), crit=, lw=; S Wyville, bi, cy, gs (A), p, tex=, h=; H Younas, bi, e, gs, m, crit=; A Zafar, e (A), gs (A), m (A*), fm, p (A), bs=; K Zahid, bs, cy, gs, m, bi=, cs=; A Zahoor, eng, gs, rs, soc (A*), cz=, po=;


A Alkour, c=; BJ Allott, fs=; H Ashraf, fs=; G Balkartat, fs=; D Bishop, fs=; JA Brook, fs=; J Fearing, fs=; AL Flanagan, fs=; S Freeland, fs=; CG Graham, c=; ND Hoyle-Greenwood, fs=(A); AR Ingle, c=; HA Javed, c=; DG Kaye, fs=; A Khan, c=; L Mulcahy, fs=; T Novakovic, fs= (A); RW Overend, fs=; SJ Pickering, fs= (A); J Senior-Green, fs=; B Taylor, fs=; A Turner, fs=.


F Abdullah, it=, lw=, psy=, it, lw, psy; S Abubaker, lw=, soc=, ell, gs, lw, soc; A Addy, sc=; A Ahmed, med=, bs, eng; I Ahmed, sc=; M Ahmed, a, it; M Ahmed gs=, hs=; N Ahmed, hs, csk (A); S Ahmed, hs=; T Ahmed, bi, psy (A), soc (A); U Ahmed, psy=, sc=; A Akhtar, eng=, gs=, psy=; N Akhtar, sc=, bs, sc, it (A*); S Akhtar, sc=, sc, hs; S Akhtar, bs, eng, gs, it (A*); S Akhtar, psy=, eng, gs, h, psy; Z Akhtar, sc=, soc=, hs=; R Akkas, psy=, sc=, soc=; R Ali, sc=; S Ali, soc=; C Allison, ell=, psy=; L Allott, m=, psy=, sc=; A Altaf, bi=, gs=, psy=, rs= (A); N Altaf, psy=, soc=, h, psy; Y Amin, ad, it (A*); M Amjad, hs=; H Arber-Simpson, hs=, hs; Y Arshad, ls=, psy=, bs, ls; A Awad, soc=, bs, soc, it (A*); H Ayub, hs, csk; H Ayub, bi=, cy=, bi, cy, gs, h; M Badat, lw=, psy= (A), soc= (A), lw, psy (A), soc; M Badat, soc=, soc, sp st (A*); Y Badat, ad (A*); A Baig, eng=, gs=, lw=, soc=; A Bailey, it (A*); J Bangali, bs=, eng=, sc=; C Barker, psy, txd (A); F Barron, gs=, gy=, m=, p=; M Bashir, rs=, soc=, rs, soc, bs (A*); Z Basser, sc=, sc, sp st; R Berry, ell=, psy=; U Bham, psy=; I Bibi, psy=, hs=; K Biltcliffe, bs=, psy=; A Bismillah, hs=; A Bismillah, psy=, soc=, hs=; L Blackburn, ls=; A Booth, eng lit=, psy=, dm (A), eng lit, psy; N Bose, eng=, gs=, it=; J Bould, psy=, psy, it (A*); T Bowers, ls=, psy=; O Boyes, m=, p=, m, p, it; L Bracewell, gs=, m=, p=; J Brazier, eng=, gs=, psy=; K Brook, sc=, sc, hs; T Brook, ad; C Brown, sc=, sc, hs; R Bruce, ell, a, psy; A Bulloch, eng=, a=, med=; S Burns, med, psy, sp st (A*); C Burton, hs, csk; J Bustard, dm=, ell=, a= (A), gs=, psy=; H Butt, bi=, cy=, m=, bi, cy, gs, m; K Butt, eng=, soc=; J Butterfield, hs, csk (A); J Calvey, gs=, ls=, m=, sc=; A Cardus, ell=, gs=, soc=; N Chamley, eng=, a=, gs=, med=, psy=; B Chapman, dm=, psy=; R Chapman, psy=, eng, h, psy; S Cheema, it=, psy=, bs, gs, it, psy; J Cheetham, eng lit=, h=, psy=, soc=; U Chothia, it (A*); C Clarke, hs=; L Clarke, bi=, cy=, gs=, m=, psy= (A); M Clay, sc=, sc, hs; A Clayton, psy=, dm, ell, psy; J Colclough, dm, ell, a; A Consterdine, psy=, ell, gs, h, psy; L Craig, bi=, gs=, psy=, rs=, soc=; R Craven, a=, med=, soc=; M Dadu, m=, a, gs, m, psy; A Daji, eng=, a= (A), gs=, psy=, soc= (A); Z Dar, ls=; C Davison, hs=; H Dawjee, med=; S De, sc=, sc, sp st (A); A Dean, ell, sp st (A*); Y Delair, ad (A); W Denham, sc=, sc, sp st (A); L Denton, psy=, sc=, ell, psy, sc; S Ditta, gs=, h=, psy=, soc=; T Dockerill, eng lit=, h=, eng lit, gs, h; M Doyles, bs=, eng=, psy=, soc=; R Drax, eng lit=, gs=, psy= (A), rs=, soc= (A); A Ellis, m=, gs, m, it (A*); J Ellis, dm=, eng=; A Essat, eng=, soc=; K Farooq, sc=; C Fern, it, sp st (A); R Firdous, cy= (A), m= (A), fm=, bi (A), cy (A), m (A); Z Firth, gy=, gs, gy, h, psy, txd (A*); M Fisher, psy=, sc=; A Foolat, ell=, gs=, lw=, psy=, sc=; B Fox, ell, gs, h, psy; T Fox, gs=, gy=, p=, psy=; C Gailes, eng=, med=; C Gardner, hs; R Garvey, sc=, sc, sp st (A); K Gee, psy=, csk (A), it (A*); Z Ghaffoor, psy=, sc=, psy, sc, csk (A); J Ghani, sp st; Z Githroo, eng=, soc=; L Goodhind, eng=; M Gordon-Taylor, dm= (A), eng= (A), eng lit=, gs=, psy= (A); O Gradon, ls=, psy=; J Green, ad (A); S Greenhalgh, gy=, m=, p=; L Greenhough, dm=, eng lit=, psy=, soc=; I Hafiji, sc=; T Halstead, gy=, psy= (A); A Hardill, hs=; G Harries, sc=; M Harrison, cy=, ell=, gs=, it=; J Healy, gs=, gy=, m=, p=, psy=; A Heeley, med=; J Hellowell, gs=, it=, m=; S Henry, gs, it (A*); N Higgins, dm, ell; T Hill, bi=, bi, sp st (A*); A Hinchliffe, dm, eng, eng lit, psy; E Hobson, bi=, gy=, m=, bi, gs, gy, m; E Holbrook, eng=, ls=, psy=; R Hudson, eng=, rs=, soc=; K Humphries, bs=, gs=, m=; A Hussain, ad (A), it (A); A Hussain, bi=, cy=, bi, cy, psy (A), soc; I Hussain, hs; J Hussain, bi=, gs=, psy=, rs=; M Hussain, bi= (A), bi, bs, psy; N Hussain, psy=, sc=, hs=; R Hussain, bs=, bs, it (A); S Hussain, lw=, ls=; S Hussain, lw=, psy=, soc=; S Hussain, eng=, gs=; T Hussain, eng=, psy=; U Hussain, sc=, soc=; Z Hussain, psy= (A), sc=, h, psy, sc; G Ibbotson, bi=, gs=, lw=, psy=, soc=; L Ibbotson, eng=, gs=, psy=, sc=; R Ibbotson, eng=, gs=, psy=, sc=; A Iqbal, psy=; Z Iqbal, hs=; F Ishaq, eng=, soc=; S Ivens, dm=, a= (A), gs=; R Ives, gy=, m=, p=, gy, m, p; A Jabeen, hs, csk (A); S Jackson, hs=; S Javid, sc=, hs=; N Johnson, bs=, bs, it (A*); M Jones, it= (A), psy=, bs, gs, psy; M Jordan, gs=, m=, p=; M Kadir, m=, p= (A); N Kadir, eng=, gs=, lw=, psy=, soc=; H Kamal, ell=, h=, ell, gs, psy; I Karolia, rs=, soc= (A), rs, soc, it (A*); U Karolia, bs, eng, h; R Kemp, psy=, eng, psy; S Khalid, bi=, cy=, m=, bi, cy, m; A Khan, psy=; K Khan, psy= (A), psy, hs; R Khan, it=, ls=, psy=; J Kirby, gs=, gy=, m=, p=, rs=; H Kirk, hs=; L Kuszyk, eng=, gs=, h=, ls=, psy=; S Lakha, it=; H Lakhi, bs=, eng=; T Laurie, sp st; A Lenton, bs (A), gs, it (A*); E Liley, eng=, gs=, med=, rs=, soc= (A); F Lobb, dm= (A), a= (A), gs=; G Lodge, eng=, psy=, rs=; G Loker, med=, med, txd (A*); K Lowery, bi=, bi, sp st (A*); F Lunat, lw=, bs (A*), gs, lw, it (A*); Z Lunat, bi=, cy=, eng=, it=; V Luty, bs=, gs=, med=; J Maddox, eng=, psy=; F Mahboob, it; A Mahmood, eng=, gs=, lw=, psy=, sc=; H Mahmood, eng=, psy=, soc=; K Mahoney, hs, csk; S Makwinja, bi=, cy=, bi, cy, psy; Z Mamaniat, m=, psy=, sc=; A Maniar, bi=, cy= (A), bi, bs (A), cy, gs; M Manuel, eng lit=, dm, eng lit, psy; J Marshall, bi=, gs=, soc=; B Martin, bi= (A), cy=, gs=, h=, m=; R Masood, soc=, soc, hs; A Masud, cy=, bi, cy, gs, rs; G Maude, bi=, eng=, gs=, psy=; A Mayat, h=, rs=; E Mayet, bs, it (A*); B McArthur, eng lit=, rs=, eng lit, h, rs; D McArthur, gy=, psy=, eng, gy, psy; A McMahon, bi= (A), eng=, gs=, med=, psy= (A); C Meddings, dm=, soc=, dm, ell, gs, soc; H Medlock, dm=, psy=; A Milek, m=, a, h, m; S Mira, psy=, soc=; H Moffat, eng, gs, psy, csk (A); B Moules, psy=; M Mubwandarikwa, sc=, hs=; Y Mujahid, ad (A*); A Mulla, ls=, bs, ls, it (A*); A Mulla, soc=; E Mulla, sc=; R Mullarkey, dm=, eng=, psy=; R Musa, hs= (A); M Mutebuka, ell, a, h; U Nasser, hs=; M Nassir, psy=, sc=, soc=; S Nassir, psy=, soc=; I Navsarka, eng=, psy=, soc=; J Neal, cy=, eng lit=, gs=, h=, rs=; C Nelson, psy=, dm, ell, psy, sp st; L Newsome, sc=, hs=; L Newsome, gs=, psy= (A); W Nguluwe, bs=, sc=; L Nutton, ell=, psy=, dm, ell, psy; J Ogasia, it; L O’Reilly, sc=, sc, hs; A Patel, bi=, soc=, bi, gs, psy, soc; F Patel, bi=, cy=, gs=, psy= (A), soc= (A); H Patel, m= (A), fm= (A), bi (A), cy (A), lw (A), m (A*); H Patel, eng=, gs=, lw=, psy=; M Patel, bs=, sc=; N Patel, hs=; S Patel, soc=, psy, soc, csk (A); S Patel, eng lit=, psy=, rs=, eng lit, gs (A), psy, rs (A); Z Patel, bs, lw, sp st (A*); W Patelmama, sc=, sc, it (A*); I Patterson, psy=, sc=; O Pease, eng, lw, psy (A); E Phethean, bi=, eng lit=, gs=, h=, psy= (A); H Phillips, psy=, sc=, dm, psy, sc; A Pickles, it=, it, sp st (A); M Plumpton, dm, sp st; R Qayyum, sc=; W Rafiq, sc=, soc=, gs, psy, sc, soc; M Rahman, m=, sc=; G Raja, lw=, lw, it (A); M Ramsden, ad (A), it; Z Rauf, hs, txd; A Ravat, psy=, soc=; M Ravat, bi=, cy=, bi, cy; N Ravat, soc=; J Rawcliffe, psy=, psy, sp st (A*); Z Razaq, it=, it, psy, txd (A); A Reece, med=, p=, psy=, p, psy; R Rehan, it=, lw=, bs, it, lw; H Rehman, psy=; H Rekhad, ls=; D Renton, m=, p=, m, p, psy; C Reynolds, hs, csk; J Rhodes, gs=, it=, m=, psy=; S Richardson, gs=, m=, sc=; C Roberts, a=, psy= (A); J Roberts, gs=, m=, p=, psy=, soc=; J Rodger, bs=, sc=; J Ross, bi=, gy=, psy=, bi, gs, gy, psy; B Ruston, eng, txd (A*); H Sabir, eng=, lw=, psy=; K Sadiq, ell=, psy=, soc=; S Saeed, bi=, psy=, soc=; R Sakoor, bs=, h=; S Saleem, hs=; S Sapstead, gs, med, it (A*); J Sawczyn, bi= (A), cy= (A), m= (A), fm=, bi, cy (A), gs, h (A), m; G Senior, ls=, hs=; Z Shabbir, psy=, soc=, lw, psy, soc; A Shafique, bs, it (A*); E Shaikh, psy=, bs, psy, it (A*); S Shaqat, sc=, psy, sc, it; R Sharma, rs=, bs, rs, it (A*); R Sharma, it=, lw=, bs, gs, lw; O Shaw, eng=, med=, psy=, soc=; D Sheard, bi=, bi, sp st (A*); K Sheard, dm, ell, gs, sp st (A*); K Siddiq, psy=, hs=; W Smeaton, psy=, bs, eng, gs, psy; C Smith, rs=, eng, rs, soc; C Smith, bi=, cy=, gs=, psy=, rs=; J Smith, m=, m, it; E Sowerby, h=, soc=; J Sowerby, gs=, sc=, hs=; S Spence, eng=, gs=, psy=, hs=; A Stocks, dm=, eng=, gs=; H Suleman, sc=, soc=, hs=; A Tanwir, cy=, it=, psy=, cy, it, psy; C Thompson, eng, sp st (A*); L Thompson, ls=; R Throup, soc=, bs, soc, sp st (A*); C Tilby-Baxter, bs=, it=, psy=; M Tordoff, bi=, cy=, dm=, gs=, psy= (A); G Trevitt, eng=, a=, gs=, med=, psy=; D Tsang, bs, med, it (A*); M Umarji, bi=, psy=, bi, bs, psy; K Uttley, sc=, sc, hs; F Vali, gs=, it=, sc=; D Vinton, eng, gs, h; C Wakefield, med=; H Walker, bi=, cy=, gs=, hs= (A); L Walker, ad (A); E Walsh, hs csk (A); L Watson, ell=, soc=; E Webster, eng=, gs=, lw=, psy=; L Whittaker, m= (A), fm=, bi, cy (A), m (A*), psy (A); D Wilkinson, ad (A); D Wilkinson, ad (A); J Wilks, it=, gs, gy, psy; N William, m=, psy= (A), ell, a; K Williams, ad (A*); D Wood, m=, m, psy, it (A*); E Wood, ell=, gs=, h=, psy=; A Yaseen, sc=, bs, gs, gy, it (A*); S Yasin, hs, it (A); Y Yazarlou, eng=, gs=; R Younus, gs=, rs=, sc=, soc=; Z Yousaf, ell=, gs=, psy=, soc=; D Zaffar, psy=, sc=; R Zubair hs=.


S Ahmed, bi, cy (A), m (A), gs; A Alam, cy (A), e (A), fm (A*), m (A*), p (A), gs; T Balen, cy (A), fm (A*), m (A*), p (A*), gs; G Beal, bi, cy, m, gs; J Bottomley, cy (A), gy (A), m (A), gs; S Bradbury, bi (A), cy, it (A), gs; B Brand, des tech (A*), m (A), p (A), gs (A); A Britain, el (A), fr (A), p, gs (A*); L Brook, bi (A*), cy (A*), l (A*), m (A), gs (A*); N Busby, ad, des tech, e, gs; T Cadzow, bs, e, m, gs; F Cartwright, bs (A), el (A), ped (A), gs; V Chari, bi (A), cy (A), el (A*), gs (A*); A Chima, des tech (A), e, m, gs; M Cook, ad, gy, ped (A), gs; I Cramphorn, bi (A*), cy (A), m (A), gs (A); J Craven, e, m (A), p (A), gs; D Curley, bi (A), cy (A*), fm (A), m (A*), gs; S Dennis, bi, el, gy, gs (A); J Dent, ad, des tech, m (A), gs; A Dyson, e, it, m, gs; J Dyson, ad (A), el, hy (A), gs; M Ellis, cy, m, p, gs; R Finnerty, des tech, it; A Fu, e (A*), fm (A*), gy (A), m (A*), p (A*), gs (A); T Golden, des tech (A), m (A*), p (A*), gs; S Gration, el, hy (A), rs, gs; K Hampshaw, ad, cy, m, gs; J Harrison, cy (A*), fm (A*), m (A*), p (A*), gs; R Hawley, gy, po (A), hy, gs; D Homer, gy (A), it (A), m (A), gs; B Houston, ad (A), bs, ped (A), gs; C Hoyle, bi (A), cy (A*), l (A*), gs (A); G Hulme, el, gy, ped (A), gs; J Hussain, bi, cy, eng lit, gs; A Ismail, bi, cy (A), g (A), m (A), gs; B James, gy (A), m (A*), p (A), gs; J Kettel, po (A), hy (A), ped, gs; U Khan, eng lit (A), po (A*), hy (A), gs; Z Khan, bi, cy, el (A), gs; A Kulanthaivelu, bi (A*), cy (A), fm (A*), m (A*), p (A*), gs (A); J Lindsay, fm, m (A*), mus (A), p (A*), gs (A); C Lo, bi (A), cy (A), g, gs; T Lodge, ad (A), bi, cy, m, gs; F Lone, po, m, mus (A), gs; J Lowcock, m, p, ped, gs; A Mackenzie, ad (A), el, mus, gs; V Majumder, bi (A*), cy (A*), p (A), gs (A); H Maroof, bi (A), cy (A), m (A), gs; T Marsden, cy (A), m (A), p (A), gs; W Martin, bi, ped (A), psy, gs; J Massey, cc, po (A), mus, gs; N Mcgrath, bs, hy, it, gs; M Middleton, bi, ped (A), psy, gs; A Mobeen, bi, cy, m, gs; K Mobeen, bi (A), cy (A), m (A), gs; A Mohammed, bs (A), e, po, gs; L Moran, ad, el, po, gs; C Murphy, bi (A*), cy (A), p (A), gs; J Nicholson, des tech (A), fm (A*), m (A*), p (A*), gs; R Oakes, e, fm (A*), m (A*), p (A*), gs; A Oates, bi, gy, gs; J Parker, ad (A), bs, gy (A), gs; T Patton, ad, des tech, eng lit, gs; J Phillips, el, po, hy, gs; B Platts, ad (A), bs, des tech, gs; G Prior, bs (A*), hy (A), m (A); Z Rehman, bi, cy, eng lit, gs; A Rushforth, gy, hy, m (A), p (A), gs (A); J Scargill, ad, el, po, gs; R Scargill, ad, ad (A), el, gs; A Scatchard, ad, e (A), m (A), gs; S Sharp, e, po (A), hy, gs (A); A Simpson, gy, ped, gs; C Smith, bi (A), cy (A), fr (A), gs (A); D Smith, ad, des tech, it, gs; G Smith, bs (A), fr, gy, gs; C Stothard, des tech, m (A), p, gs; R Stringer, ad (A), des tech, el; E Swaine, bi (A), gy (A), hy (A), gs (A); W Swarbrick, ad (A*), cy (A), g, gs (A*); D Tadross, bi (A*), cy (A), fr (A), gs (A); J Thompson, bi (A), cy (A), psy (A), gs; M Wass, bi, cy (A), m (A), gs (A*); J Wood, ad, des tech, p, gs; S Woodgate, cc, eng lit, hy (A), gs (A*); A Woolford, ad, it, p; G Wright, e (A), po (A), m (A), gs.


R Agagon, hs; S Ali, gy, bi, sp st D*; T Allen, gs (A*), bi (A), cy (A*) p (A); J Allerton, lw, sp st2 DM, it M; C Bailey, gy, des tech, a (A); J Bentley, med, eng, gs; O Brennand, psy, gs, lw, app sci; C Burton, med, it M; K Cagney, fr, gs (A*), bi (A), cy (A), p; Emma Cawtheray, psy, gs, hs, sp st D; A Clarke, m, lw, sp st D; M Collins, sp st3 D1; C Cooper, psy, m, it D; J Cottrill, sp st3 M3; J Coulborn, med, sp st P, it M; S Cowban, h, rs, lw; L Dawson, rs, eng, tex; W Diskin, h, lw; J Edge, psy, eng lit, gs, epq, bi; J Edwards, sp st3 D4; K Evans, h, rs, eng lit, gs (A); D Hall, sp st3 M1, O Hampshire, m (A*), it (D); B Hirst, hs; D Hirst, m (A), fm (A*), cy; T Hirst, med, app bus, app sci; R Hussain, med, hs, app sci; S Hussain, hs; A Hydes, hs , app sci; C Jackson, psy, med, eng lit, gs; N Jurban, gs, bi, cy, p; J Kelly, gy, h, gs; S Khalid, a, app bus, lw; C Kirby, sp st P, it M; K Lee, tex, sp st3 D4; C Lumb, eng, lw, app sci; J Maguire, gy, h, gs; R Malicdem, med, hs, app sci, A Martin, gs (A), m (A), bi, cy (A), p (A); K McDermott, gy, gs, tex, m; J Meehan, sp st3 M3; J Moffatt, des tech, m, sp st D, it M; A Motara, eng, gs, bi, app bus; L Nash, gy, med, eng, gs; C Newbold, m, hs, fin stud (A); S O’Donnell, gy (A), eng, gs, lw (A); E Oram, rs, hs; J Paton, hi, lw, fin stud; N Penn, psy, hs; R Pollard, sp st2 MM, it M; G Poulter, gy, des tech, bi; W Poulter, m, cy, p; D Preston, gy, h, eng lit, gs; T Ramsden, gy, h, bi; P Redick, eng, sp st3 D3; N Reeve, sp st2 DM, it M, L Restall, gy, h, med, gs; A Rhodes, med, eng, tex (A), m; T Riordan, des tech, sp st2 MP, it M; J Salta, sp st3 P1; J Scholes, sp st3 D5; L Scrutton, sp st3 D6; C Sheridan, gs, app bus, ped, it D; K Shires, h (A), gs (A), m (A*), fm; E Simpson, psy, eng, ped; J Sowden, sp st3 P1; R Stainburn, a, med, it M, fin stud; S Townend, psy, eng, lw; H Tynan, sp st3 D4; S Waldron, hs, app sci; G Whiteley, hs, lw; N Whitley, h, rs, eng, gs, tex; S Whitworth, des tech, a, app sci; J Williams, tex, hs; S Williams, gy (A), gs, m, bi (A), cy; N Willoughby, gs, lw, ped, it M; T Windle, rs (A), med (A), a (A).


A-level results key

A – art; ac – art and craft; ad – art and design; acc – accounting; afm - applied further maths; ah – ancient history; ahl – ancient history and literature; am – applied maths; app – applied mechanics; arc – archaeology; b – botany; bg – British Government and politics; bi – biology; bn – Bengali; bs – business studies; bz – botany and zoology; ca – classical art; cc – classical civilisation; cft – craft; ch – Chinese; cls – classical studies; cs – computer studies; csc – computer science; com – commercial studies; com st – communication studies; crit - critical thinking; ct – computer technology; cth – Christian theology; cw – creative writing; cy – chemistry; cz - citizenship; dch – Dutch; des tech – design technology; dm – drama; dr – design and realisation; ds – domestic science; dts – drama and theatre studies; e – economics; ec – social/economic history; ecg – economic geography; ed – engineering drawing; edd – engineering drawing and design; elc – electronics; ell – English language and literature; eng – English; eng lit – English literature; ep – economical and political studies; es – engineering science; est – environmental studies; epq – extended project qualification; fd - food technology; ff – fashion and fabrics; fm – further maths; fpu – French for professional use; fr – French; fs – film studies; g – German; gc – general classics; g com – graphical communication; ged – geometrical and engineering drawing; geo – geology; gk – Greek; gpl – general principles of English law; gs – general studies; gy – Geography; ha – history of art; hb – human biology; h(be) – history (British economic); hc – housecraft; he – home economics; hs - health and social care; dhs – double health and social care; ht – home economics and textiles; hy or h – history; i – Italian; it – information technology; jp – Japanese; l – Latin; lp – Latin (prose offered); ls – leisure studies; ltrh – Latin translation and Roman history; lw – law; m – maths; me – maths for education and industry; med – media studies; met – metalwork; mt – music technology; mus – music; nd – needlework and dressmaking; p – physics; pa – principles of accounts; pam – pure and applied maths; pc – physical science; ped – physical education; pf – performance arts; pg – Portugese; ph – photography; phl – philosophy; pl – Polish; pm – pure maths; pmc – pure maths with mechanics; po – political studies; ps – pure maths with statistics; py – physics and maths; psy -psychology; r -Russian; rs – religious studies; s – Spanish; se – spoken English; soc – sociology; son – social biology; sp st – sports studies; sta – statistics; td – technical drawing; tex – textiles; ts – theatre studies; tt – travel and tourism; txd – textile and dress; u – Urdu; ue – use of English; w – woodwork; z – zoology.

(A*) indicates grade A* pass. (A) indicates grade A pass. S indicates special paper. = indicates A/S level pass.

NVQ: D indicates distinction. M indicates merit. P indicates pass.