TV chef cooks up breakfast treats

TV chef Rosemary Shrager at High Bank School. (d23011209)
TV chef Rosemary Shrager at High Bank School. (d23011209)

celebrity chef Rosemary Shrager gave Hightown children a lesson in tasty breakfasts when she visited their school on Monday.

Rosemary, who has appeared on ITV’s Ladette to Lady, spent the morning at High Bank School in Windy Bank where the children discovered the story behind their toast and cereals as part of Farmhouse Breakfast Week.

Also there was cereal farmer Tamara Hall who showed the children crops she grows on her farm near Beverley, and explained how cereals are used in breakfast foods.

The children also enjoyed a cookery demonstration from Rosemary and then tucked into a delicious breakfast – for lunch.

The event was organised by the Kirklees School Meals Service and the HGCA, the cereals and oilseeds division of the Horticulture and Agriculture Development Board. It was filmed for a DVD which will be used nationally encouraging children to eat breakfasts.

Headteacher Kath Benetis said: “The children had an absolutely lovely time. Rosemary showed them how to make porridge and bread and they also made smoothies. They enjoyed being film stars for a day and weren’t in the least bit intimidated!”

Rosemary added: “There are just so many delicious choices at breakfast time, from porridge to poached eggs and wholemeal bread to bacon. It needn’t take long to prepare, as we have seen today but the benefits can last throughout the morning.”

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