Election 2012: Cleckheaton candidate statements



Cleckheaton needs a new voice.

A generation of Lib Dem domination has left Cleckheaton forgotten and overlooked. Complacency has set in. Vigilance is absent. Major issues are overlooked.

This has led to local services becoming threatened or vanishing completely: the town hall, our market, Age Concern, Citizens’ Advice.

Cleckheaton is suffering because of this. People deserve better.

They deserve to know the truth about the threat to our greenbelt, to the town hall, to local policing and to the public services they rely on.

The old disingenuous tricks have to stop. Cleckheaton must not be sacrificed so the Lib Dems can win seats in south Kirklees.

There has to be an alternative to this. I offer that alternative.

I live in Oakenshaw and have worked in Cleckheaton for all but 18 months of the last 18 years.

I was chief reporter at the Spenborough Guardian but for the past 10 years I have worked for Mike Wood MP helping solve the problems local people bring to him.

I will make sure Cleckheaton is put first and local people have a councillor they can trust and rely on. I will provide my home town with the voice and representation it needs.



I am not a politician, nor do I want to be! That is precisely why I want to be a local Government councillor.

A vote for me is not for a politician - it is a vote for someone who will use their time, abilities, qualifications and experience for the benefit of those he represents. That is one of the two prime duties of a Councillor. The other is to control and constantly remind the officers of the Council that their duty is to serve the community, not rule it!

Nor do I intend to indulge in the childish personal attacks on members of other parties favoured by my opponents. However, since they claim that, living in Mirfield, I do not know where Cleckheaton is, I do challenge them to a face-to-face, public open debate anywhere in Cleckheaton.

I know Cleckheaton well, ever since learning to swim there back in the 1950s. It and its neighbouring green spaces, need someone who will fight for them - not just with words but with ACTIONS which MATCH the words.

Finally, the many small firms and shops in Cleckheaton are the source of its jobs and prosperity; their future must be safeguarded.


Liberal Democrat

As the local councillor, I work hard all the year round to make Cleckheaton ward an even better place to live and work.

I am campaigning to protect the future of our historic town hall.

The Council have decided to move the staff in the offices there to Dewsbury. There are no plans for the empty offices. So far over 1,400 people have signed my petition to safeguard the future of our Town Hall.

I want decisions about Cleckheaton to be made by local people who know the area best.

Decisions made in Huddersfield or Dewsbury are often made by people who do not know our town.

No green fields in our ward have been earmarked for housing in the Council’s plan.

There is still much that needs to be done. I will: continue to work with the local Police to tackle crime and anti-social behaviour; work with communities to get action such as in Scholes for young people; work hard to get a Spen Beck Countryside Park; continue to get roads safer and well-repaired and continue to hold regular surgeries; keep residents informed, and listen to your concerns.

I am proud to live in Cleckheaton and am the only candidate who does.