Election 2012: Heckmondwike candidate statements



I have been your ward councillor in Heckmondwike for the last four years and am proud of the investment I have secured and the improvements I have helped to bring about in Heckmondwike.

We have a team of three dedicated hard working councillors who are working for our town.

We have got new social housing in the town with more to come on Lobley Street and a new residential care home to come on the old Fairfield school site. I have helped secure funding for the big improvement works at Brighton Street on the older people’s homes and the community centre.

Other works on going in the town are at Firth Park with the first boules area in Kirklees, the up-dated tennis courts and the cricket nets. I am also working with other agencies to try and combat the growing problem of littering and fly tipping of which the Spen Ringway which runs from High Street and past the Old hall pub is the worst for the fly tipping. The new bus station and library are still on going slowly but surely.

If re-elected I will continue working and listening to the people of Heckmondwike, taking on case work on all issues working with Couns Sheard and Kendrick for a better home town of Heckmondwike. I look forward to your vote on May 3.


Liberal Democrat

I am a local mother of two children who are still at school.

I am running for election because I want to make a difference for the communities I live in and where my children grow up.

I support the local Lib Dem plan to get decisions about Heckmondwike made in Heckmondwike and the Spen Valley because we are the people who know the area best.

We all know that these are tough times and that budgets are not endless (I know this from running my own household). However, the priorities must be for the young and for the old. So it is vital that we keep our Children’s Centre open providing services for young families. I am please that the Lib Dems in Government have increased the State Pension by £5.30 a week as this will be a help in paying for rising energy costs.

I want Heckmondwike to be a thriving community where people want to live and work. Heckmondwike town centre must be supported by the council so it can be a thriving place.

If elected I will work hard to represent all the people of Heckmondwike ward.



Delighted to represent the Conservatives again in the elections for Heckmondwike, I have lived in and around the ward all my life and fully understand the resident’s problems.

One major problem is those who make decisions at Kirklees are virtually all from Huddersfield and know nothing about the people of Heckmondwike.

For many years Heckmondwike has had weak representation from those who are more interested in the affairs of Huddersfield. Committed to being a strong voice for Heckmondwike, I will fight and challenge the Kirklees policies which give North Kirklees a raw deal. Joining the campaign in 2009 I’m delighted and grateful for all the efforts of the Norristhorpe residents who succeeded in blocking green belt development and promise to continue with this policy.

An industrial chemist by profession, I’m a manager for a local chemical company with 2 young children. I take time out for sport in particular Rugby (both codes), that I have played and supported all my life.

I believe in good local schools and we have no better example than Heckmondwike Grammar. The problem is every child should have the choice of a school of this standard and it’s unacceptable that this isn’t currently the case.