Election battle heats up

ELECTION 2015: Who will you vote for on May 7?
ELECTION 2015: Who will you vote for on May 7?

A row has broken out between Labour and Conservative party campaigners over an email about where one candidate lives.

The Tories sent an email to the Batley News and Spenborough Guardianby on Tuesday accusing Labour candidate Jo Cox of “misleading” voters over her residency.

And Labour responded yesterday by accusing Tory activists of wasting taxpayers’ money.

The Tories, who selected Imtiaz Ameen as their candidate, sent out a statement on Tuesday accusing Mrs Cox of living on a houseboat in London, despite her stating she was living locally.

“She claims in many of her leaflets that she is a local candidate, but the truth is very different,” it said.

“Although having been brought up locally, Mrs Cox actually lives with her family on a houseboat at an exclusive London mooring on the Thames.

“According to the owner’s web site, fees in October 2013 were as high as £5,210 a month.”

The issue had already been brought up in our letters pages last week. A spokesman for Mrs Cox’s campaign confirmed then that she was currently living in Roberttown, although for the last few years she and her family had been living on a barge.

Yesterday the Labour Party responded to the Tories’ latest comments by suggesting the email to our papers had been sent from a Kirklees Council computer.

Labour spokesman and local election candidate Dathan Tedesco said use of council equipment for electioneering was against its rules.

Calling on the council to investigate, he added: “It is particularly nauseating when the Tories are in the process of cutting Kirklees’ budget by £152m a year.”