Bed firm told to improve

WARNED: Highgrove Beds Ltd in Gomersal.
WARNED: Highgrove Beds Ltd in Gomersal.

A BED firm which is keeping neighbours awake, has been reprimanded by a traffic commissioner.

Highgrove Beds flouted traffic regulations by altering vehicle inspection dates. Its drivers also failed to take legally required breaks.

A Traffic Commission inquiry on Monday also heard that the company allowed drivers to load and unload its wagons outside the operating hours permitted by Kirklees Council, giving people living nearby sleepless nights for 18 months.

An application to alter the operating hours was refused by the council last year due to the disturbances caused to nearby homes.

When questioned about the out-of-hours operations by traffic examiner Jerry Doherty, company owner Ali Wazarat said the problems were a recent development.

He said: “In 2009 we never had any problems with residents. We were running wagons from Highgrove but after a year-and-a-half we started having problems.

“We applied for planning permission [to extend the hours], it was refused. We are now appealing.”

The company now uses two out-of-town sites as a distribution hub, at Scandinavia Mill and Prospect Mill, to try and resolve the noise issues.

Highgrove also came under fire from vehicle examiner David Simmons who said that the company had changed the dates of wagon inspections, which were ordered by regulators after a previous inquiry in 2009.

Mr Simmons: “It was evident that the dates of inspection had been changed and run over with correction fluid.

“One of the dates had been changed by six weeks and one day.”

The company, represented by Richard Wadkin, said that new procedures were in place to monitor drivers’ hours and vehicle defects.

Traffic commissioner Tom Macartney gave the firm, based in Spen Lane, Gomersal, a formal warning.

He told them “Things need to improve.

“I have heard that there are now things in place to change the way the facility is run.”