Exclusive: Full story on... Man hunted down and attacked after road rage dispute

Warren Street in Dewsbury (near the junction of Scarborough Street). (D511A448)
Warren Street in Dewsbury (near the junction of Scarborough Street). (D511A448)

A group of men attacked a father-of-two after he got in an argument with another driver over a right of way at traffic lights.

Martin Yardley was taken to Pinderfields Hospital with bruising and cuts to his body, eyes and head following the assault on November 20.

“They dragged me out of my car on my back, feet-first, onto the road,” he said.

“Then they started stamping on me and kicking me in the face whilst I was on the ground.”

Mr Yardley had been on his way to pick his 16-year-old son up from an after-school club.

He was waiting at traffic lights near B&Q in Wilton Street at around 9.50pm when a man driving a red Audi sped up.

The driver of the other car cut in front of him as the lights changed to green, forcing him to brake hard.

When the two cars met at the next set of lights, 42-year-old Mr Yardley got out of his car and yelled at the driver. He accused him of being in the wrong lane, before getting back in his car and driving off.

Around five minutes later, the same Audi overtook him and blocked him off near the UK Greetings factory at the junction of Mill Street East and Warren Street.

Two other cars then pulled up behind him, trapping him in the street.

Mr Yardley, of Bywell Road, said: “Five men got out and just started punching me through my window, which was down at the time, shouting ‘get him out’. It was awful.”

During the flurry of blows through his car window, he said one of the men opened his passenger-side door and attacked him from the side.

Unable to defend himself and with one man now inside the car, Mr Yardley undid his seat-belt to get out of car.

It was then that the men dragged him out of the car and began kicking him in the face.

Police said enquiries into the identities of the men, who have been described as being of Asian descent, were under way.

PC Samantha Smith, of Dewsbury and Mirfield Neighbourhood Policing Team, said: “This was a serious incident in which a man has been stopped by a group of potentially five men and been assaulted in the street.

“This sort of behaviour is inexcusable and, thankfully, unusual for the area.

“We are appealing for anyone who may have seen the assault or the prior road rage incident to come forward and help us identify these men.”

Phone 101 or Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.