Exclusive: New logo will give Dewsbury something to shout about

NEW LOGO It is hoped the image will become synonymous with Dewsbury.
NEW LOGO It is hoped the image will become synonymous with Dewsbury.

A bold new identity for Dewsbury has been revealed.

The branding will be used by shops, businesses and community groups to promote the town as a great place to live and work.

PROUD PARTNERS Andy, Oli and Mandi at SHARP headquarters.

PROUD PARTNERS Andy, Oli and Mandi at SHARP headquarters.

Dewsbury students designed a logo which uses different colours to symbolise all that is great about the town – its heritage, scenery, culture, community and, importantly, its future.

Three Kirklees College students designed the logo alongside creative agency SHARP.

Mandi Taylor, owner of the Huddersfield-based agency, said: “There are two things that have truly inspired me on this project: the enthusiasm and passion of the people of Dewsbury and the talent of the young designers guided by our teams to create an inspirational and confident identity for Dewsbury.”

The logo will soon start to appear around the town, and it is hoped it will become a symbol that will be recognised throughout Yorkshire and beyond.

SHARP’s Haley Swain, from Mirfield, has overseen the process.

“It’s about creating a different feel around the town,” she said.

“While appreciating what has been great about the town, we want to look forward to what could be.”

Andy Finnerty, Oli Smith and Ahmed Sacha, who all graduated from Batley School of Art with first class degrees in BA (Hons) Graphic Design last week, were selected to work with SHARP.

A series of workshops were held with a cross-section of Dewsbury people to develop the initial ideas.

The young designers took on these ideas and, working with SHARP, came up with three different logos and campaigns. These were presented back to the community and the winning design was chosen by unanimous vote.

Andy said: “Having lived in Dewsbury all my life I felt privileged to be part of the team chosen to brand it. I think that being a resident of the town gave me even more motivation to create a brand that would promote the very best of Dewsbury.

“You could visibly see the excitement and enthusiasm grow in the room over the course of the sessions, to a point where people were expressing how excited they were to go out and shout about the town themselves.”

Since starting the Dewsbury project Andy and Oli have started their own design company – Aye! Creative.