Fake speed sign catches drivers out

mly pic sign'New speed camera signs Churwell Hill. (150131)
mly pic sign'New speed camera signs Churwell Hill. (150131)
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A PRACTICAL joker put up a fake 40mph sign on a road which had been lowered to 30mph following more than 150 accidents in three years.

The prankster, slammed as ‘crassly irresponsible’ by Bradford Council, put up the sign in Woodside Road, Wyke. It is thought to have been there for several days before council workers took it down last week.

HGV driver Dave Clarke said: “People were coming at 30mph but this sign brought them back up to 40mph so people were picking their speed up and setting the flash off.

“Some evenings it’s been like a strobe disco light. There have obviously been a lot of people who have been caught by it. Whoever has placed the sign there, it’s a stupid thing to do. It costs time and effort for all those involved in the fines process.”

Darren Badrock, a principal engineer for Bradford Council, said: “The 40mph sign was not put up by the council and appears to have been placed there by a member of the public. We have now removed it.

“Whoever put it up may think it was just a practical joke but it is actually crassly irresponsible.

“We lowered the limit to 30mph on Woodside Road because there had been 157 casualties on the A641 over three years. Encouraging people to drive faster than the speed limit may put lives at risk.”

Coun Sarah Ferriby said: “Highways officers believe it was erected maliciously by an unknown third party. I am speechless.”

A police spokesman said: “Concern was raised about the road sign which was incorrect. However, when officers attended to have a look, it had been removed.”

People caught speeding should contact the West Yorkshire Casualty Reduction Partnership.