Fall death of mum of three


A WOMAN who fell to her death from the balcony of a seafront flat sent her eldest child a text message hours before her death saying ‘I love my three daughters’.

Debra Mitchell, 48, was found lying face down on the pavement in her pyjamas outside a Bridlington cafe on January 9.

Ms Mitchell, who had recently moved to the town from Liversedge, suffered head injuries and never regained consciousness.

Her partner Nicholas Newsome, 36, was arrested after telling officers he and Ms Mitchell had been arguing. He told one of her three daughters she had jumped from the balcony.

However an inquest in Hull last Wednesday heard no one could ever be sure how Ms Mitchell died because there were no witnesses and there had been insufficient evidence for a criminal prosecution.

The inquest heard her relationship with Mr Newsome was volatile. Her eldest daughter Leanne Mitchell said her mother sent her a text on the day she died saying she was ‘fed up, Nick had been shouting, it had never been so bad’.

Leanne said: “I replied saying she knew what she needed to do, which meant she should come home.”

Ms Mitchell’s final message, sent at 11.15pm, said ‘I love my three daughters’.

Leanne said: “When I saw that message I thought something was going to happen.” But she said she never thought her mother would take her own life.

Mr Newsome said the day his partner died they had gone out for a drink but ended up arguing. He went for a walk, locking her into the flat – but she could open the door from inside.

When he came back the flat was quiet. Opening the curtains he saw she was not on the balcony, and discovered she was lying on the ground below. He said he rushed down, called the emergency services and tried to resuscitate her.

Pathologist Dr Brian Rodgers said Ms Mitchell had fallen onto her head and there was no evidence she had been assaulted.

He said the combination of alcohol and painkillers could have affected her co-ordination and judgement.

He said: “There is no evidence to suggest to me this is anything other than an accidental fall.”

Assistant coroner Michael Mullun recorded an open verdict, saying no one could say what happened.