Fire crew safe stuck horse

FIRE crews from Cleckheaton rescued a horse that nearly drowned after it got stuck in a stream.

The horse’s owner alerted emergency service at 7.30am on Tuesday, after discovering the horse had got stuck in a narrow culvert, near Cross Lane, Westgate Hill Street, just outside Birkenshaw.

Because of its size, a pool of water had formed around the animal, prompting fears for its safety.

The firefighters secured straps around and underneath the animal, and the rescue operation took around an hour and a half.

Watch commander Damian Cameron said: “It was a successful rescue and was a result of us working with a vet to sedate the horse while it was stuck. We had to clear the culvert of debris because when we arrived, the water level was around its head.

“There was a chance it could have drowned.”

The horse is believed to have made a full recovery.