firefighters rescue man on roof in hailstorm

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A man had to be rescued from his roof by firefighters after going up to check ridge tiles and getting stuck in a hailstorm. The man climbed onto the roof of his father’s house in Waltroyd Road, off Westgate, Cleckheaton, just after noon, to check and replace ridge tiles that had blown off in this week’s storms.

Watch commander Damian Cameron, from Cleckheaton Fire Station, said the man had climbed up a ladder to the guttering but had not used a roof ladder to get to the ridge tiles.

But he said the weather took a turn for the worse and began raining and hailing, and moss on the roof became slippery – meaning he became stuck.

He said: “He was stranded on the roof. We got him down in about 10 minutes. We put a ladder up to the gutter and then put a roof ladder up and he climbed down to the gutter, and we were able to assist him down.

“People should always use roof ladders when climbing onto rooves, and should have a method of securing themselves to the chimney or the roof.”