Serpentine Mills in Cleckheaton is being demolished and is almost fully knocked down. (D531H410)
Serpentine Mills in Cleckheaton is being demolished and is almost fully knocked down. (D531H410)

A third of Cleckheaton’s town centre has been 
reduced to rubble.

Demolition has now finished on the derelict Serpentine Mills site, and owner Tesco has confirmed it is already in talks with potential buyers.

The site covers a huge swathe of the town centre, and was originally earmarked for a brand new Tesco store before the supermarket giant pulled out of the development 
last year. A Tesco spokesman said: “We are keen to ensure the land we own in Cleckheaton goes to good use and we 
are currently marketing it to developers.

“We have interest from developers, but the talks are in an early stage.”

He said Tesco expected the site to be used for a mixture of housing and 

Ward councillor Andrew Pinnock said: “This would be our preferred option. Having houses close to the town centre can only be a good thing for businesses.”

Pete Murphy, vice-chairman of Cleckheaton Labour Party, said: “This is excellent news from Tesco and it is good they’re paying attention to local views.

“As well as dealing with a problematic town centre site it will also open up opportunities for the local economy by boosting trade in the town centre and creating new jobs.”

The demolition was also welcomed by Spen Valley 
Civic Society which brokered a meeting between themselves, Tesco, Kirklees, Spenborough Chamber of Trade and councillors last year 
over what to do with the 
eyesore site.

At their meeting last week David Durrans said: “Now it’s flattened, you can see just how huge it is.

“It’s about a third of the town centre.

“Those living near it now have a lovely view right to the town hall clock.

“They might even be able to tell what time it is, if only it worked!”