Flood relief at last for Spen

spn picflood  Flooding at the bridge over(or under) Spen Beck behind the baths at Littletown. (301015)
spn picflood Flooding at the bridge over(or under) Spen Beck behind the baths at Littletown. (301015)

A £2.1 MILLION flood alleviation scheme to protect homes in the Spen Valley will begin next month.

Yorkshire Water has announced a six-month improvement scheme to reduce the risk of flooding from the River Spen, after the devastation caused to parts of Cleckheaton and Littletown during the summer of 2007.

The works will involve improving the sewerage system and the installation of an underground waste water tank capable of storing up to 2 million litres of waste water, near St Peg Close, and Brooke Street, in Cleckheaton.

Residents of St Peg Close, which saw flood waters enter houses in 2007, have broadly welcomed the news – but remain sceptical as to whether it will permanently solve the problem.

Brenda Bastey, 64, of St Peg Close, said: “When it floods, we have water coming down Spen Beck and the water coming down from the town centre and at the moment, it has nowhere to run to.

“I don’t know how a tank will alter that.”

Other residents in the close said they worried every time there was heavy rain.

Mohammed Jamil, 40, said: “It’s about time that they did something about the flooding risk.

“All of us are affected by it, even Brooke Street.

“The sooner something is done about it, the better. I’m all for that.”

Spen MP Mike Wood welcomed the announcement by Yorkshire Water.

He said: “We’ve done a great deal of work on the issue of flooding along the River Spen and I’m delighted that the pressure has finally paid off.

“We’ll continue to make sure we can press to ensure that action is taken.”

Cleckheaton Coun Kath Pinnock added this could help residents of Littletown, as well.

She said: “The problem with flooding is to do with the flow of the River Spen. This should remove the heavy flow and help everyone further down the river.”

Work will begin on the scheme from November 14 and last until April.