Foal’s gold for our Dellamarie

PERFECT PAIR: San Floriana in the ring with her mum Flair.
PERFECT PAIR: San Floriana in the ring with her mum Flair.

A FOAL bred in Spen is coming on leaps and bounds after scoring top marks in a talent competition.

San Floriana, a filly foal bred by her Gomersal owner Della Byrom, earned a Higher First premium at the British Equestrian Federation futurity evaluations in Richmond.

Della said the event was a new one which aimed to find talented foals with sports potential. She said: “It is intended to identify British bred horses with the potential to be elite international horses in dressage, eventing, show-jumping or endurance, and even future Olympic competitors.”

San Floriana scored the highest marks of the day for a potential dressage foal.

Della said: “The vet and evaluators look at how she is built, how she moves, her athleticism and attitude. It also helps me improve the quality of horses I breed by providing valuable feedback. It’s about making sure I make the best breeding decisions.

Della said she had bought the stud fee for the stallion at a charity auction which raised money for the National Foaling Bank, a charity for orphaned foals, and San Floriana was the resulting foal.

She said: “I’d like to compete nationally in young dressage horse competitions with Flori, but if she has oodles of potential, I will probably look for a rider. Training a horse to top level can take 10 years as well as hard work, skill, determination and a huge amount of luck.”