Former outstanding pre-school is now inadequate, Ofsted says

Roberttown Communit Centre Pre-School
Roberttown Communit Centre Pre-School

Safeguarding issues have meant a pre-school which was once praised as outstanding has now been deemed inadequate.

Roberttown Community Centre Pre-School moved down Ofsted’s grading system after inspector Jenny Firth found problems.

Roberttown Community Centre Pre-School

Roberttown Community Centre Pre-School

These were in the effectiveness of the leadership and management and children’s personal development, behaviour and welfare.

While praising the “enthusiastic and very motivated” staff, the report raised issues with the school’s management.

It reads: “Safeguarding is ineffective. The provider has failed to ensure that they meet all of their legal roles and responsibilities. Some members of the management committee have not completed the necessary checks with Ofsted to ensure their suitability.

“This is a breach of the safeguarding and welfare requirements and also applies to the Childcare Register. This impacts on children’s well-being and safety.”

It continues: “Children’s welfare is compromised as the provider has not completed the relevant checks on committee members.”

But the report outlines that staff have a “clear understanding of their child protection responsibilities” and how to deal with concerns to protect children from harm. They understand signs and symptoms of abuse, it notes.

The inspector found the school was good in its quality of teaching, learning and assessment as well as in outcomes for the children.

The report states that staff create a warm environment, develop close relationships with the children, who are “happy and settled” because “staff have a good understanding of how they learn through play, interaction and repetition.”

A previous inspection in November 2011 found the pre-school to be outstanding in all areas.